July 20, 2009

Meeting friends old and new

Saturday was a lovely chill out weekend after a spate of hectic weekends. I was feeling a little bad about having opted out of a Pondy trip for a family friend's wedding but I did not think I could take a long road journey and get back late on Sunday to face the rest of the week at work.

But to more than make up for it Sunday was vibrant with cheer, good will and long lost memories

Met up with a lot of blogger friends - Madmomma, Poppins, Sue, Indu, Itchy, Crazymom. Finally got to meet Dipali and Rohini, though I missed Kiran. Also met a couple of bloggers I am not so familiar with- Desi Girl and Kenny as well. Some of these mommy bloggers look so fit, it is amazing!

The time I stayed-could stay only a while- was just enough to exchange gifts, take a few pics and say a Hi and a Bye. I felt that the restaurant must have found us a pretty unruly bunch. :-)

Of course Anush was excited. She has understood that meeting any of her mother's friends usually means a lot of goodies for her - books, art, craft, tees, bubble makers, etc - and that is exactly what happened. To be fair, Anush herself helped me pack our gifts and also distributed our goody bag of Indonesian cat/ fruit magnets, Tsunamikas and bracelets. She was amused to note that Ro also had a watermelon like stomach...:-))

Met a long lost school friend, who had helped me bag the Ideal student award in school. She has recently delivered a really sweet natured ultra talkative- cooing baby. Despite the weight gain she spoke of, her face remains fresh as ever and her attitude just as friendly as can be. She has now put me back in touch with a host of school friends and I have finally opened an account in face book! I was happy to see Anush so comfy with the entire family. Hope we stay in touch now on.

Visited GRT, the jewellery shop for cutting and removal of the already tight ancestral finger ring that I usually wear always. It belongs to my maternal great grandmother! Plan to get it redone to whatever size I end up post delivery. Anush recognised the place as one where in we had tried to get her ears pierced( the second time, over a year back)!!
She was not very happy about that but we could easily distract her with the play pen and the glass elevator ride in the shop.

Went to Kailash Parbat and of course had to order Ragda pattice, pani puri and sindhi subzi and kitchadi. The snacks and food were great, the portions TOO large but the brownie sizzler was a complete let down .


starry eyed said...

Cool! Chilling out with girlfriends is really refreshing:)

Why am I not surprised about the Ideal student award ;)

Take care...approaching eighth month now? Hugs to Anush xoxoxo

artnavy said...

Thanks starry
email coming up to u

Sri said...

Your weekends are always awesome. You make me jealous sometimes!

btw, thanks for the 'pasanga' recommendation.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

choxbox said...

the meet sounds MEGA in the real sense!

artnavy said...

sri- glad u liked pasanga- try nadodigal first half is greta- second disappointing

chox- it sure was - at least goign by the noise and number of gifts

Monika,Ansh said...

sounds like a lovely get-together :)

artnavy said...

yes it was Monika- i missed a big part of it though. . .

Sue said...

Aww, wish you could have stayed longer.

Ramya said...

Thank you.

We loved having you two over. In the end, work dragged on and on and we returned late last night.

Let me know if a BLR trip is due. Lets catch up then.