July 17, 2009

Balanced diet and Dates

Anush here in the t shirt from Poppy

The caption says "A balanced diet is an ice cream in each hand" .....cool! Anush was amused to see dates like these. She is used to eating the dried ones only.


My mother had to do a few days internship with Abacus as part of her Montessori training. A very helpful mother of Anush's classmate- N ( a little boy) - volunteered and dropped Anush home each day.

Now that my mom has again taken charge of fetching Anush from school, N is distressed at not having his travel date!! This is so sweet. . . I had been wanting to pick up some gift for the mom, now I have to find something special for the little guy.


Yesterday was the long service award ceremony at office( 5yrs and 10 yrs) - now they need to institute the 15 yr award since a couple of employees seem to be clocking in as much next year!!


If you have the time and inclination, you could catch up with the much delayed update - Mango Mania episode in Mister Muthu's on line version.


Monika,Ansh said...

That's a lovely T-shirt & I have to confess that even I have not seen or eaten dates in any other form except dried!!

choxbox said...

thats a cute one. tantra does real cool ones. we have one that says 'you pinch my cheeks, i pull your hair'.

abacus? wow! - do ask auntie to pass on my regards to ms.mahapatra :)

Poppins said...

She looks adorable Art. Thanks for putting up a picture!

Sri said...

I've not seen dates like that too. I thought they were grapes.

The N story is cute :)Does Anush miss him too?

Sands said...

Anush looks cute. I can so totally understand the kid missing his travel friend. This week I have had 4 kids in the car during my morning commute. Will miss them from next week :(

Hip Grandma said...

I heard of play dates in America but travel date sounds cute.Does Anush miss him too??

As for employees staying put for 15 years in these days of job hopping - commendable indeed. Shake hands with them from me. I see you had a blast with the surprise baby shower. May be I'll drop in for 'Thottil'.

artnavy said...

monika/ sands/ sri- she invited N and family to "both my homes" as she puts it

chox- will do

poppy- love the tee

thanks hh gmom- yes that wiuld be nice i fu can come fo rthe thottil

artnavy said...

my comments look like french!!