July 21, 2009

Two of a kind

Anush is thoroughly enjoying the craft gifts she received in particular two of them. She says a Big Thank you to IBH and Ro aunties for these !!
I just had to oversee/ guide her once and then she managed with minimal help.

On a sad note, India lost two of her best classical singers in the last few days- Pattamaal and Gangubai Hangal.
My earliest recollection of Pattammal was my maternal grand ma listening to her completely mesmerised. . .debatable but my family always thought that this musical genius was to MS what Sivaji was to MGR or say Guru Dutt to Raj Kapoor.

Gangubai Hangal- I listened to one rainy evening in Mumbai when the India Today classical music cassette collection was procured by my folks. A powerful voice - she was very different from the usual classical singers I had been exposed to. Good bye ladies!


Krishnan said...

Yes, both DKP and Gangubai Hangal were titans in every sense of the term.

This is a link to old piece on Hangal

artnavy said...

thanks a lot Krishnan
that was an insightful article

VJ said...

just read the update story of Mister Muthu.. lovely and simple as usual.. was drooling thinking about mangoes !

Hip Grandma said...

You are right.The loss is ours.

VJ said...

Hey Art,

going to Hindu theatre fest again this year?
saw the article this morning in Hindu and remembered you going for it last year.

Artnavy said...

thanks VJ on mister muthu- i really do not know if any of the other bloggers read it. but i am getting fan mail from kids for the book version- that feels good.

on theatre fest
considering it especially the Naseruddin shah one but i dont usually go anywhere without anush- u know that- and it will be difficult to make her sit thru these heavy duty plays now- she is a big girl with a mind of her own. . .

yes it surely is