July 08, 2009

Isn't it lovely?

I love this song from My Fair lady. Even sung it for a school concert.

Starry tagged and awarded me!! Thanks , I am honoured.
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Monika,Ansh said...

Congrats & Thanks :)

VJ said...

Header pic is so cute!!
Mookuthi suits her so well.

Just Like That said...

That is a kiiiiiiiuuuuuuuttte pic of Anush. She looks the Chennai ponnu to the hilt (or the nose-ring)! :-D

Artnavy said...

she was very possesive of the ring on day one

but so generous with it the wedding day....she willingly gave it to the bride since the bride's ring was really tiny and did not show....!!

i was SO proud of her. In fact they are clip on ear rings

starry eyed said...

you totally deserve it:) And I love ur new header...bombastic! Tks for the nosering-earring idea...Div will love it!

choxbox said...

cuteness incarnate.

artnavy said...

thanks girls

i thought she looked like a marwari or gujju kid...