July 09, 2009

Any takers?

Have any of you seen the Rakhi Sawant swayamvar?

The suitors seem to enjoy making asses of themselves ( okay barring a couple who retain some dignity)

Sample this:
Asks the host- How can you afford Rakhi for a wife on your salary ?
Oh no problem - my papa has pots of money!!!

Rakhi loves playing coy and demure. So one suitor says- Rakhijee you are so like Sita!!

And they all try to act that they are mighty serious about the whole thing. I shall miss this serial when it concludes within the month .

Make sure that you catch at least one episode of India's cutting edge comedy show on the Idiot box.

Tell me if you could sit through all of it and whether you waited for 9pm the next day .... be honest now - sacchi mucchi and all that


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh I am loving it. It's such mindless comedy. I can't sit thru one hour & usually switch channels & then come back to see if anything interesting is happening.

Poppins said...

Blech no. I can think of 100 better things to do with that time :)

Collection Of Stars said...

My hubby calls it the same - a comedy show. We watch it sometimes to have some fun. But seriously, they are all a bunch of jokers :)

artnavy said...

monika.ansh & ****- agree- cant see it for long continuously -

TV lives up to its nick name idiot box!!

poppins mom- u sound like MY mom

IBH said...

pssst! psst! one secret ok ! between you and me!

I watched it yesterday and what a show it was man! Rakhi all clothed,demure,lady-like and all! isnt it the best show? come on! tell me!

Blogeswari said...

How dare you talk about one of our clients (imagine)?

Do you follow her on twitter? Hilarious!! Puts her show to shame

Doli said...

hehehe I was actually planning on seeing how that show is... since Im in the US, I need to check if it is available online :)

choxbox said...

since you asked, same as poppy!

How Do said...

umm.. neva seen it.. cant imagine mahself doing it either.. but since u blogged abt it.. maybe an episode is deserved then!

artnavy said...

maybe we shld see it together sometime

doli- yeah it is there on u tube i think

blogeswari- sorry:-D
dont do twitter- what a shame!!

expected of u sensible types

hehehe....at your own risk ....
u might just die laughing ... or feel sudden nausea grip you