May 14, 2009

Thought provoking

I wanted to put this up - Katy's comment on the Learning disabilities post I had written a few weeks back:

She writes:

" SLD= Specific Learning Disability.

Did you know when you search “SLD Parents,” the only sites listed are for PARENTS that have SLD children. I am a child of an SLD mother. Only those that live with an SLD guardian can understand what that life entitles. The only way I can explain it is that it means having a parent that can act really cool. They are the ones that let you get away with everything. The ones you go to talk about the drama of your life. All your friends want them to be their parents because everyone knows them and likes hanging out at your house. But when your in an argument, their actions are extremely immature.

The thing is, its not their fault, and that is the hardest thing for the child of the SLD parent to understand. Their decisions are irrational. The words they use tend to hurt others, because they say before their mind can process what they are thinking. This leaves the child alone, because they often walk way during the argument and hurting because of what said guardian said.

The worst thing, is knowing they don’t necessarily mean what they said, but at the same time it still hurt. Knowing nothing is going to change and this is how it will always be.

Argument- hurtful words- leaving- alone- repeat.

When looking up Social Skills on a SLD adult certain things stick out. Mood swings, overreaction and focusing on details too much. Then there is the weak memory, and the misreading of information. At least those are the issues that my mother has. As any literature on SLD will tell you, no persons disability is alike Which makes that much harder to find someone that can understand the life of a child of a SLD parent. "

Thanks Katy! I cannot help feel that your mother is gifted to have such an understanding child


Monika,Ansh said...

Art-Thanks for posting this & your last sentence is spot on!

Artnavy said...


i felt so moved that I HAD to share this- we take so much for granted dont we?