May 15, 2009

Anushisms and some more

Anush - When we grow vv old we will go to God ? Why? Even Amma Appa and me? We will go together okay?

Anush was asking her father to take her out:
Navy- I am really not feeling up to it baby.
Anush- Appa please try and feel up to it !!

Nowadays, Anush brings things and wants me to draw it and teach her as well
This time she fetched a bra!! Amma please show me how to draw this

Anush and I watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory ( adapted from Roald Dahl's story). Very nicely done. The part where Charlie chose family over the factory - Anush seemed to understand and agree!

This time the Mister Muthu illustrations look different from the usual but Anush still picked it out and asked me to read her the story. And it is very encouraging to receive fan mail on the series from kids :-)) Do pick up a Chandamama copy since the website has not been updated. . .


I saw The Reader alone once Anush had slept off. The nudity was a bit too graphic for me in the first half but a touching movie all the same.

Finished reading The Perk by Mark Gimenez. I skipped when I felt there was too much gyan about Texas but otherwise a nice plot with a murder, mystery, racism/ undercurrents of unrest in a small town, plight of immigrants, justice versus law, family and friendship sentiments galore. And it does not fail to surprise at the end.


Shobana said...

So did u draw it for her? Anyhow....she does have a lot of rational thinking...for someone her age. I am very impressed!

VJ said...

LOL at conversation with her Dad.
did you draw??

apu said...

LOL at the conversations...(I found the first one rather touching have such innocence... sigh)

And you get fan mail - way to go girl!

Artnavy said...

yes i drew
a man-chester sports type .....she thought it was funny

apu- yeah - kids are very innocent and giving....and outrageous and funny as well

Mama-Mia said...


i love anushisms!!

and i absolutely love charlie and chocolate factory! :)



Usha said...

heheheh on anushisms. really cute!

Artnavy said...

abha/ usha-
next time i am in blore why dont we and JLT catch up??

choxbox said...

me? - i also live in bangalore

*off to sulk*