May 12, 2009

Down but not out

Finally added a piece like this by Aarohi to our kettle collection
My cousin S from the US was here for a week. Anush enjoys his company but competes with him when I have a conversation or when he chips in in some game to help her out.

S was the first baby in the family after me and that too after over 10 years. I even had a mild case of sibling jealousy which I had been too proud to display. He has turned into a remarkable young man who values relationships and is already doing his bit for society. He is well travelled, open to new experiences and very independent for his age ( 21 yrs).
I hope he is able to achieve his promise to himself- to get all the family folks in the US to come over for a family reunion in India with in the next couple of years. The last time it happened was at my wedding, almost 10 yrs ago.

I leave you with a pic of Anush in this lovely dress from S that she wore to a birthday party last evening.


Was in Bangalore yesterday. Relative to Chennai, really pleasant weather but nightmarish traffic!

On the flight, it was really amusing/ almost annoying to see the mad rush to turn on cell phones and get up as soon as the craft landed( despite warning to the the contrary)

I wonder why this tearing hurry and behaviour from seemingly educated people?

And for a change, the air hostess was really firm with one of the passengers and I heard her say to her " Madam, this puts not only your life at risk but all of ours as well. Pl turn off your cell immediately."

And yes, the new arrival section at the Chennai airport stinks!


Monika said...

lovely kettle

and this is not fair u keep coming to blore and dont meet

Mama-Mia said...

next time pls give us enough notice to try and catch up with ya!

and lovely kettle and even lovelier Anush! love her dress! :)



How do we know said...

aah.. nice post.. lots of potpourri put together.. and that dress IS lovely.. totally cool!

Just Like That said...

You were in Blr? Wish you'd called..:-(

Unique kettle- very nice!

Artnavy said...

thanks all

Hey Blore ladies
always same place in Blore- a mad dash from the airport to sarjapur and back

i try to take the late afternoon flight the same day to get home to anush at the usual time

this leaves me with zilch time to go anywhere out of this route

am most likely there on 19th - any of u near the airport or sarjapur or en route??

see you then if possible

Monika,Ansh said...

Ah, lovely kettle. You have a kettel collection? Wow.share some of the other pieces too.

Anush looks lovely in that dress. :)

Just Like That said...

dahlin! :-D me staying at Sarjapur rd. Will mail you.

Blogeswari said...

Lovely looking kettle . Does she have an outlet in Mumbai?

Lavs said...

I lurve polka dotted dresses!!Anush looks fab...a model in the making:)

Its indeed annoying to see everyone making a mad dash to come out of the and hubby always wait for the entire crowd to disembark before we even get up from our seats...I seriously wonder why they do that...all businesspeople holding some key positions in top corporates....sigh!

btw, do post some pictures of your ganesha collection!

VJ said...

hreat kettle and just lurvvvvve her dress !!!
as pretty as ever!

2 B's mommy said...

NEver seen a kettle like that. Would like to see rest of your kettle collection. Post some pics if possible pls...

And in that dress..Anush looks totally adorable !

the blogger formerly known as sansmerci said...

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also wud like u to chek out

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Artnavy said...

jlt- awaiting your mail

blogeswari- pl clik on aarohi for details on her blog- she retails in blore

monika / Lavs- will do once i take some pics

vj- tnx

welcome back sansmerci