May 20, 2009

Travel Tales

I am currently reading Gerald Durrell's " My family and other animals" It is hilarious in style and Gerald's family is so endearing and entertaining. I am at just the beginning of his travels to Corfu, Greece.

Was in Bangalore yesterday and enjoyed the rain that poured down as we were headed back to the airport. Travelled Jet after a long time and ate lunch at a darshini called Swati at 4 pm!!

In Chennai, Anush had gone to my grand aunt's farm and was very excited at having picked a zillion mangoes!! It did look like a mango market at home when I got back. since my mom did not take any pics, here is one from the past at the farm . . . and one at home with the loot

On Sunday we had been to a shaadi in an area called Valsarvakkam which I have never been to in the last 10 yrs in Chennai! I felt very hi-tech navigating teh route using googlemap on the cell phone.

Anush went up to the bride and told her " Aunty you are looking pretty"

She saw a girl in high heels and exclaimed" Amma , is she short or is she silly? " ( something her positively silly but not short mother had told her to keep her off heels) Luckily that girl did not hear this.


Just Like That said...

:-((( I forgot to mail you. and yesterday was 19th. :-(((

choxbox said...

just landed yesterday and missed you again.

LOL at anush. well i was positively silly (and short) and wore 'em high heels and trudged all over town. first and last time i told myself.

DC said...

we are down to earth aren't we? ;-)
(my short 'n silly comment)

Shobana said...

What is the plan for all those mangos?? Pickling?

How do we know said...

oh.. Gerald Durrell is a riot all right!! I loved the book too!

Mr. Muthu does not come in the Hindi edition of Chandamama.. is there a reason?

sole said...

You know...Anush looks so beautiful in the header photo. Just like any child her age should be, happy, playful, smiling and energetic :-)Orange is her colour?

artnavy said...

next time okay

chox / DC
now dont take it personally:-))

no idea - will check with chandamama and let u know
it comes on line but with 2- 3months delay

yes a little of it and most of teh rest to mads, drivers and of course the grand aunt herself

choxbox said...

yeah yeah all you tall people. now my own child is almost taller. impossible to comb her hair if she's standing.

Sue Gir said...

yum yum all those mangos. Missing them here.