May 21, 2009


Does anyone know where I can find jig saw glue in Chennai or even India? The kind you apply on the top so that you can carry it without breaking it up for framing- In case you wonder why I wish to frame it- that is what I have been doing for years with puzzles that are over 1000 pieces. Hope one of you help me find it.

Last night we saw Super Singer on Vijay TV. Ranjani was awesome. She happens to be my favourite contestant. Hope she becomes a professional play back singer whether she wins or not.

Hope you guys catchup with Mister Muthu in Chandamama . The website just has a new episode now. See side bar for the link.

It drizzled early on in the morning- a welcome start to the day. Hope the weather stays cool...


Blogeswari said...

Oh yes, Ranjani is a fab singer. Its been ages since I saw Airtel SS. will try and watch it on the net today (vera enna velai office-la)

Itchingtowrite said...

landmark.. i hav picked it up once for my cousin... the section that has the jigsaw puzzles- ask them
check odyssey- they also hav the puzzles so prolly they ll hav the glue

Artnavy said...

u must

tried at citicentre landmark last week- they did not have it
maybe the nungambakkam one?? ior at odessey- thanks!!

Saya said...

art... you can ask them at landmark and they will let you knwo if the other branches have it. You can call them as well.

VJ said...

just finding the new story of chandamama..
really nice and simple.

choxbox said...

i'll check with this uncle who runs a humungous bookshop (odyssey types) here.
so thats one more thing in common. am a jigsaw freak too :) as is my mom - she's worse than me actually. will stay up the whole night to finish a 1000 piece puzzle, notwithstanding her bad back.

choxbox said...

and that fractile flower is awesome. give her ahug for me pls.

apu said...

oh, please please find it and then also complete my jigsaw for me...I've given up all hopes of ever finishing it!

Artnavy said...

saya- i think i will do that

chox- tnx will do

apu- sure bring it over okay next time we meet

vj- tnx :-))

Monika said...

oh that flower anshu made is so lovely

and u are tagged

shubha said...

Ranjani has been my fav from day 1. I dont knw wat went rong in eliminating her. I have stopped watching the show..I personally feel its been dragging

shubha said...

ok just thot of asking u
theres a movie by name
modhi vilayadu
which has a song sung bya singer named not sure if this is ranjani of ASS 2008. is there a way u can find out and let me knw?