May 18, 2009

Fruit of the season

Pic- coutesy google

Nongoose/ Nongus- Taadgola- palm fruit are here !! ( I do not know any other names )

They are available aplenty on the roadside and they are better if you procure them fresh out of the drupes since they ferment very fast otherwise

I love this fleshy tender fruit and the juice in it is synonymous with refreshing. Only tedious part is having to peel it.

They make something called Neera - a drink that was strongly associated with Mumbai local station platforms - the best being the one in Thane and a close second the one in Matunga

Palm Jaggery is also nice and I always ask people visiting Kolkatta to get me some- it is rich and makes a wonderful kheer.

Did you know? The Palm tree is the state tree of Tamil Nadu. If there was a formal election , I would vote for it.

BTW, just heard that Prabhakaran ( SL) is dead.


Pooh! said...

The best Neera is from the Southern parts of TN - Toothukudi, Virudhunagar, Thiruchendur and drunk on palm leaves. But these days I have discovered good packeted Neera marketed by the TN Govt. in Velachery. Cee Dee Yes near Vijayanagar bus stop has a fresh stock that comes in everyday at around 10am. It is Rs 5 a pack and some days the taste is better than the others. THis summer my family stocks up around 20-30 packets a day.
A traditional Neera consumers for years - my granny loves it and says it is close to the authentic. So give it a go

Sri said...

I was shocked to hear abt Prabhakaran too. Its almost surreal.

Scooping the nongu out of its shell is an art. Anshu would've tons of fun doing that!

IBH said...

I LOVE IT! Caps intentional...:)

and i am confused about my reaction about Velupillai Prabhakaran! coz i am saddened..also...i just happened to see his family Timesofindia...and looks so normal...


Shobana said...

I just love this fruit! Makes summer feel a lot bearable and in fact, welcome :)

VJ said...

another person who loves this fruit..
as you said, peeling it is a pain..
I am missing home now !!

DC said...

oh i love Nongu too :-)) will go and hunt for it this weekend. watermelon and nongu - simple summer fruits that are cheap but wholesome.

Artnavy said...

yes the best neera i had was in Tirichundur about 2 decades ago when i went there as a kid ...!!

choxbox said...

i loooove taadgola!

Pooh! said...

The best neera is still from the southern districts. But recently, family that live there complain of unhygenic conditions and hence causing lot of health issues. After hearing that there were lizards in the neera I am now not sure if I will ever drink it! Long live neera.

dipali said...

I've never had this fruit:(
Palm jaggery is truly awesome, though!

Anonymous said...

Considering the damage that prabhakaran did to the people of Srilanka his end was very well deserved. On an other note, we call the fruit as taati ningu and I love the taste.