April 17, 2009

Review at 44

Yesterday was Anush's monthly bday. ...and it also happened to be her school review day . Navy could not make it since he was travelling.

I like the way kids are reviewed these days-non judgemental - no grades- more collaborative- often constructive .

She is seen as imaginative and offers vivid descriptions of incidents, songs, stories, pictures and people.

Her facility in both Tamil and English were noted as also the use of some heavy vocab.

She continues to be focused about her work and fairly self sufficient

She is more social now, is helpful and concerned about her class mates and beginning to form some close friendships.

They see her as rather mature and very perceptive- I asked if she was losing her childhood - they put my fears to rest.

And the last few weeks of school saw her well settled and less nervous/clingy for the first time since Christmas holidays.

Now for the one that made me smile : She sings Hindi film songs while working!!


Monika,Ansh said...

Aay to go Anush. :)
& yes, I also love the way schools are so progressive & non-jugdemental these days. A far cry from our times.

Choxbox said...

yup me loves the reports too. does she stay on in the same school?

Sands said...

Hindi songs? how cute :)

The Kid said...

Happy birthday Anush!

Krishnan said...

Good.."her facility in both Tamil and English", did you mean felicity ?

Artnavy said...

hi all- just to clarify- monthly birthday

chox- yes she will continue her as planned at least till she completes first standard and maybe longer

i am not so sure
i think felicity is more to do with the style of delivery

i would still say - facility - as in "Ease in moving, acting, or doing; aptitude: “an extreme facility in acquiring new dialects” (W.H. Hudson)."

maybe the more enlightened in English can help us here. . . :-))

Hip Grandma said...

Anush being reviewed?i thought she'd be reviewing people!!Really becoming a lady isn't she?Already helping and showing concern.Well looking forward to meeting her.No excuses this time.

sole said...

That's a good one! Trying to imagine, would look so cute!

Artnavy said...

hhgmom- when r u here- mail me okay? i have some more news for u

sole- :-))

IBH said...

about the last point of Anush being mature and perspective! mine gets that at the age of 2.6 years..they way she thinks,acts ,talks,walks ..man! everything! i slowly beging to think that she is indeed losing her childhood..

oh! btw, sorry to be prying..but is there any other news?:))