April 15, 2009

Chilling out

Yesterday was Vishu and spent rather well at home

Anush wore a new cotton paavadai chattai and chanted her own prayers in anushspeak and ensured that Navy repeated every single word of the gibberish said in earnest. Forgot to take pics/ video.

We enjoyed cleaning up my wardrobe and all the clips/ earring/ bangles collection which are finally being put to use partially by Anush.

Evening was spent in the play park and we made some new friends one of whom was a most hearty one year old who could not stop gushing and smiling at us.

Saw bits of Guru for the umpteenth time and I wondered how Ash's blouses stay in place in Naana re.

While we were at it ate some boiled peanuts with my mom and grandma around to shell them ... oh what bliss.

A lazy mid week holiday "well spent."


Just Like That said...

Lucky you. :-( My Vishu was spent in office. How dreary!
But we did go for To Harihar Nagar (sequel to a rip roaring Mallu comedy) in the evening. :-) not as good as the original, but good fun till the interval.

mommyof2 said...

fun day.. *sigh* I am waiting for my normal days..

K 3 said...

Happy Vishu! Looks like a grand way to kick start the new year.

VJ said...

Lucky you !!!
it was just another day here except for payasam made by my mom.

Choxbox said...

boiled peanuts! yumm!

bird's eye view said...

Happy Vishu! I love mid-week holidays - much better than long weekends :)

Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Vishu!! & love updates of your days :)

subha said...

I had a super duper vishu too. Made sadhya and had one of our friend family over for dinner.And about the mid week holiday, my husband always says this, he prefers an off on wednesday so that he is all recharged for the coming days.

Lavs said...

I too wonder about ash's blouse in that particular song....hee he