April 20, 2009

Hot "weak"end

Yesterday we made a resolution - no outings during the day for the next two months.
Had taken Anush to the zoo, the Guindy one- not even Vandalur. And almost died of the sweat and the heat. Of course Anush had a lot of fun but that was still not worth it.
The good thing about summer is the amount of juice you can easily guzzle up/down.
She loves to splash about in the baby pool in the apartment and tries to repeat a few basic swimming tips that she gathered in the 3 formal sessions she attended and then stopped. ( She stopped because the trainer shifted to the large pool since the small one had been emptied for cleaning and this put her off) Hopefully next month or next season she will be bold enough to resume the classes. We do not wish to pressure/force her.
Her paternal grand parents and cousins and aunt have come over for a vacation and she is so excited! More on this later.
Am reading Panic by Jeff Abbott- first by this author- a well written thriller


Monika,Ansh said...

They sure are. :) But I loved their hair

Monika,Ansh said...

Sorry. Wrong comment & not able to delete it.

Anush's pic is adorable. & yes, even here it's the hottest April in 15 years. Certainly no weather for out-doors

VJ said...

has it become so hot already ???
cant imagine how bad May would be..

IBH said...

it is right? really unbearably hot! much to my dismay, the AC is always on :(

Krishnan said...

Mercury shooting unbearably yes, worst is yet to come :-( What is the book about ?

choxbox said...

you guys are so high-enthu!