April 07, 2009

Anushka's Appa's surprise

It is Navy's birthday today.
Last week itself the new clothes and the coffee mug were revealed by Anush, much to Navy's amusement and my mock chagrin.
Anush declared " SURPRISE APPA! Amma has got you a surprise. Come and see it"

Last year's trend of not gifting Navy any gadget or accessory continues....he has only himself to blame- he is choosy and I am not well informed- so could not get him any cool cell phone.

Anyway got him a good perfume- Anush placed a star sticker on the bottle and said it for her star appa.

His gang from office turned up, they amaze me, with candles and salad ( since cake would be anti diet) at midnight for a surprise. They had done this really cool poster.

Anush who had told her Appa the previous night that she had a surprise card made for him but would not show him since it would not remain a surprise ( you bet she is a quick half- learner) rushed in to hand over her card- rolled like a scroll- tied with a "band aid " ( instead of rubber band).
Navy was really touched and proud and he totally deserves to be.


VJ said...

My wishes to Navy !!!
its my MIL's bday today!!
and like always Anush is soooo cute.. !! hugs to her.

apu said...

Happy Birthday to Navy!
Anush is really a quick learner :)

Just Like That said...

Happy b'day to Navy.
That card is cute and his colleagues are nice to land up at midnight, but am guessing that for them to do that, Navy must be a mighty nice colleague/boss to have.. :-)
LOL at Anush's quick learning.

DC said...

yay! Happy Birthday to Navy :-))

note: i can't see the second photo.. can you pls check...is that the one Anush made? i would love to see it..

Artnavy said...

VJ/ Apu- tnx

JLT- the Godfather one is awesome- the small print goes like this-

Produced by: navy's parents names
Directed by: your truly
co director- anushka

And yes! Navy is a mighty nice guy in all respects.... as i said he totally deserves all the love and attention he gets

DC- wait a while to download maybe?

Mama - Mia said...


happy birthday to Navy! :)

and the poster is awesome! so is Anush's card!


Monika,Ansh said...

Happy Birthday to Navy. He is lucky to have 2 girls to spoil him & all his office people.

B o o said...

Happy Birthday to Navy!

Kindly take up a tag from me, please!

choxbox said...

cool! the whole midnight birthday thing sounds very campus-ish, and adding to the chorus - for folks to muster up so much enthu, he must be a really nice chap :)

choxbox said...
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choxbox said...

and LOLing at anush's cuteness!

Artnavy said...

done the tag boo

yes and they got him a cell phone too!!