March 12, 2009

Too much of a good thing!

VJ tagged me to write 25 random things about myself. I am glad she did not add they need to be new things that others do not know.... I have been blogging too long for this....

The Rules are Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.You have to link the person who tagged you.

25 is a long list - so I will sub classify to simplify it for myself


  • I am short tempered but also cool down very fast. I can say Sorry when I need to.
  • Impulsive and spontaneous both are words that often go with me
  • I do not have many close friends - just a couple - very different from Navy or my folks who would win any Popularity race
  • I am very honest- sometimes blunt- it gets me into trouble.
  • I feel very young and it still startles me when I am called "aunty" by some 10 yr old in the apartment


  • I sing and dance with gusto and have had some training in the former long back. I would love to do voice over/ singing for a kids' story or for ads but I guess I am not focused enough to get around to it
  • I love to travel with Navy and now Anush as well- did Western Europe soon after marriage , did Bhutan, done many in India itself- still to do Australia, Khajuraho and Greece. I am the planner in the family and am proud of it.
  • I enjoy reading and the movies but tend to forget the plot very soon (unlike Navy).
  • I am very quick at jig saw puzzles- large ones- but yet to tackle my 5000 one
  • The only sport I was kind of good at was the hurdle relay and even now I hardly ever manage to catch a ball. I cant cycle and am yet to learn swimming.


  • I did not hold any of my first three jobs longer than a year. By choice. I kept moving on.
    But I have been here 8 yrs almost and will leave when they kick me out I guess.
  • I wanted to get into advertising but ended up in Market Research ( the lure of money then ) and am now in marketing- sales
  • I am still tense at review meetings/ presentations though no one believes that of me
  • My colleagues think I am super efficient/ control freak,
  • My mother thinks I am lazy. So it evens out.


  • I keep a pretty home and thrive on the appreciation of visitors- friends, strangers, everyone. I will hold a gun to your head if not!!
  • I like entertaining friends but cannot accommodate a late lunch/dinner- so I eat a bit( quite a bit) before the guests start coming in
  • I really want to self paint our balcony with some Indian folk motifs- maybe some day. . soon.
  • I cannot see clothes lying around the house, even on the line but have no problem stuffing them shabbily into the cupboard- I hate folding clothes
  • I love plants- flowering ones especially - but do not have a green thumb and that I find touching mud messy does not help.


  • I have always been tall but never reached my teenage ambition of being 5ft 9 inches - fell short by an inch
  • My second toe is longer than my big toe- as per common lore that makes me a dominating spouse- who me? LOL.
  • I had a 22-23 inch waist till I turned 22yrs
  • I was asked to model only my legs for a women's razor when in college. I refused, not prudishness or anything - only because I had a small bike accident and burnt my calf - still have the scar
  • I sometimes wish I could change almost everything about my looks.


  • I am sacred of snakes, frogs and lizards. My jumping/ screeching on to the bus seat during the monsoon when a frog wandered in, is legend .
  • I am sacred at the thought of people I love getting hurt/ dying.
  • I hate remembering dates/ numbers/ birthdays/ sales figures/ EMIs/ insurance premiums, etc and make no efforts in that direction- to think I was an expert in history and dates in school!!
  • What if I die on the day that I have not waxed and then the body goes to medial college as a cadaver ( i plan to donate myself) and all the students laugh at the fuzz- that i will be dead seems irrelevant
  • I still suffer from performance anxiety- exam phobia

I tag anyone who had the patience to read through this. . .


VJ said...

kewl Art !!!!
Thanks for doing it.. and it was great knowing you better.
I can feel the spontaneity in your writing.
and as always..eagerly waiting for the Aussie trip

How do we know said...

wow....that was a fun tag.. from ur blog, one usually wonders what kind of a person are you. That you are intelligent and level headed is the only thing that comes across from the blog.. this one does tell us a lot more.. !

Just Like That said...

LOL at the balancing out between colleagues and mothers. Mothers! :-D
Nice list. And yeah, you ARE super organised. :-D
You are 5ft 8... WOW!!!!

WhatsInAName said...

very very neat list that! I had read about your house being in news, do post some snaps here :-) And 5 8 is awesome for a 5 2 like me!
22 inch waist wow wow wow! Even my little one crossed it long back ! How did you manage that?
Would love to see your art someday

Artnavy said...

VJ- honestly, don't get this kind of chance often - so grabbed it

thanks all

apu said...

that worrying about the fuzz on your legs when dead was the funniest thing!

apu said...

and - Anush's parakeet is pretty good...

DC said...

your points on 'me' is just what I am. no wonder there, fellow Taurean.

Nice to know a few more things about you...

Monika said...

nice to know u more :)

Mama - Mia said...

wow! you did a rocking good job of it! i was at my wits end by the time i reached 10! :p

great stuff!


ps: 5'8! bwwaaaahhh! am just 5'6! :(

Monika,Ansh said...

Art, I loved reading this.
Lol abt u stopping at 22 regd your waist size.

Shobana said...

Wow Art! Nice list. U are 5'8"??? I am super jealous of u now.

Lavs said...

Then I guess you will not come to my current home..snakes are known to roam around freely in the streets...I must do a post of the day when one snake entered our house

subha said...

I so enjoyed reading this. I loved the idea of you spliitting things under various heads.Plan a trip to US, the west coast and I will be more than happy to host you.If I may say so- pls learn swimming . I think its essential.I am sure there are a couple of places in velachery..if not I know one in madippakkam where I used to go.

Ramya said...

1. I had the patience to read thru... but since I posted a similar one on my Facebook a week ago, I am going to pass..

2. I had everything planned out about my delivery and how I was going to defuzz the day before my C-section so I would be clean, oddly, since it was a emergency op way out of the blue..the whole of the hospital was treated to my gorilla-ish legs and hands! So horrible..for them, I mean!

3. You definitely did sing well, and definitely had the body to model, if you wanted to!!

choxbox said...

nice to read this!

Timepass said...

what a nicely planned and neat write up...i am also afraid of snakes