March 10, 2009


I have 2 days off and Anush and Navy do not!!

Got her a pichkari for her and realised in Tamil a little mispronunciation would make it Pichakari ( beggar)

Anush wanted colours and I refused. Told her she could use plain water instead

Wish those organic guys sold colours as well.


Monika said...

oh they do....i saw some organic and vegetable colors at namdhari's

happy holi

DC said...

LOL @ pichkari and pichakari. haha.
but holi has to have colors.. i really hope (for anush's sake) that you find some good organic colors.

apu said...

or do you think some haldi and kumkum mixed in water would work?

arundati said...

try fabindia art, they have organic colours for sure. and yeah haldi, lime and kumkum should do too....

Kavs said...

Hello! Anush's pic is very sweet! The new look is cool. :)

Mama - Mia said...


even i heard that this year organic colours are vailable in fancier retail outlets.

and i love the way you keep changing the look of your blog!

How do we know said...

i like the new header a lot.

Organic colors are available. You can also make them at home. Henna powder in water. Roses dried and crushed. Marygold dried and crushed.

Shobana said...

What about using food coloring? And cool about having the whole house to yourself for 2 days!

choxbox said...

we ended up with normal colours. thoroughly smeared oil before and scrubbed hard with besan after. first holi for kids, 'twas fun.

so what do you plan to do for two days?!

Inder said...

'pichkari' was a new word to me. had to google to find what it means :)
happy holi!!!

Artnavy said...

thanks guys about the header- wish i could find a better background though

chox- just chilled out and read and slept and ate and palyed with anush

i used kum kum and turmeric finally and anush did not want it on her face so just some on her hands

we had a ball playing with the water and the pichkari

though - NO other kids joined in!! cold and cough were the excuses offered by parents- I missed MUMBAI!!