March 13, 2009

Salwar Suit

Anush distinguishes between salwars and chudidaars.

If you use the wrong term, she will gently correct you as my grandma found out a couple of days ago.

But it is only in Chennai that they omit the kurta/ kameez bit when they refer to teh outfit- for instance- " Nice Salwar!!" or " Where did you find this chudidaar?"


Ramya said...

Or more annoyingly... when they shorted chudidaar to chudi!!

DC said...

just read your new story... very nice. looking forward to the second part :-) so, have you started narrating them to Anush yet?

Monika said...

oh ya initially when i moved to south and someone asked me that i was surprised... now its become a part of my life :)

Artnavy said...

DC- If you pick up the hard copy of Chandamama u will find it- time lag of 2 issues on the site
thanks for looking it up

monika/ ramya- : -))

Monika,Ansh said...

It's the same in Bengal. Got used to it now.

Anush is growing up, eh. :) So does she have strong opinions about the clothes that she wears?

choxbox said...

smart cookie this kid!

Shobana said...


VJ said...

Hahah...guilty as charged on this one Art.
However I really dont know why we said it that way.. it was just passed on to me and I think I never questioned it..
I never used Chudi ... it annoyed me when someone said that.

Artnavy said...

she has had strong opinions on clothes for a while now- since she was 2 or so but she can be manipulated :-))