March 24, 2009

Kid's room

On Sunday, with Anush away at a function with her grandma, Navy and I decorated her room with decals from blik ,sent on my request, by my K maama.

Anush came in earlier than expected and helped stick on some of the leaves. The larger stickers are dificult for kids to manage since they lump up or develop folds if done while jumping with joy, and I realised kids' fingers are really small - even a tall kid like Anush.

Incidentally the TOI property Chennai edition featured her room picture this weekend, in a feature on child decor. Of course, with credits but no details, unlike the last time. But Anush and I were excited enough to wake Navy up before seven, on a Saturday morning.
When I think about my room as a child, I had my first "own space" as I entered 7th standard. I had Boris, Sabatini ( both from Sportstar) and Wham posters on the wall. I had a few car/ vintage plane stickers on my cupboard.
I loved the mani plant I kept on my table in an old cognac bottle, a beautiful shell collection in a see through jar, a snap of my folks and odd knickknacks collected on trips. I had a wicker book rack and prided my collection.
As I grew to love sketching, my "works" adorned my wardrobe doors. And I also was granted a gorgeous chocolate brown wooden book shelf as my book collection grew.
And of course there was the loyal cot- diwan which has time travelled with me.
My room was really neat ( not counting my wardrobe insides !!) It still is that way.


Swati said...

lovely !

Just Like That said...

lovely! And like I said earlier too, amazing that you keep it that way with Anush!

choxbox said...

yet to check out your new house. looks fab.

DC said...

i think i have said it some 8 times already. your house looks wonderful :-)

and the new background for blog.. chimps and bananas.. so cute and lively!

Mama - Mia said...

awww! thats so cute! :D really pretty stuff!


Artnavy said...

thanks all

chox- awaiting your visit

JLT- i take snaps only after tidying up:-))

Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely Art. You have a nose for good things :)

Srilatha said...

Love the ethnic yet cosy feel of your home.

Can I mail you regarding stores in Chennai for such home goods? Pretty please!

dipali said...


Subhashree said...

Lovely decorations.

Would love to sneak a peek into your sketchings. I'm sure you would have tucked them somewhere. Pliss to get them out and put on the blog :)

VJ said...

Decals from blik are lovely !!!
and the header pic is beautiful !

Artnavy said...

thanks all

will try Subha- not sure if it will be worth it

sure Srilatha

AMIT said...

Thats a lovely blog post.

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