February 02, 2009

By chance

We watched " Luck by chance"

I guess Farhan is here to stay as an actor. Konkona is the Smita Patil of this generation. Rishi and Dimple are caricaturised but delightful. The digs at some star traits are nice. The last dialog, a repartee to Farhan, rendered by Konkona is mind blowing- look for it. Yet the film is not as fresh as I had expected.Parts of it were a drag. Two of the songs were unnecessary.

Verdict- You can wait for the DVD.

Sacking out with Anush at home in my mother's absence- she is off to Mumbai post a short stopover at Delhi. This will be a test of whether I would really want to do what I often feel I should be- being at SAHM

This incident caused so much delay last evening, that my mother reached Mumbai a good 4 hours later than ETA!! Anyway I am glad she was not on that craft at least.


choxbox said...

good luck with SAHMing stint! btw the painting from paris is beautiful.

Monika,Ansh said...

I too watched Luck by Chance yesterday & quite liked it. :)

Mama - Mia said...

i thought that this movie will be a tad cliched! so DVD i shall wait for, i guess!

looking forward to Dev.D! Anurag movies have been a mixed bag... Black Friday, brilliant and No Smoking didnt unnerstand! lets see how funky this one is! :D



dipali said...

Luck By Chance dragged in parts. Much as I loved Sona's response to Vikram's apology and proposal, the movie didn't leave me with the high a good film does. The vignettes were individually so well crafted, but the glue of a solid plot line seemed to be missing.

dipali said...

For how long will you be a SAHM?

VJ said...

should be good to be SAHM for sometime I guess !

Artnavy said...

chox- tnx

monika.ansh- liked it only in parts- not as good as I expected

mama mia- dev d has us humming all the time with the athyachaar song

dipali- absolutely on luck by chance and yes- SAHM for a week

VJ- so far i like it but i have so many office calls and mails to attend to i am not sure it qualifies as a holiday truly