January 30, 2009

Growing up Anush

Self portrait by Anush

At the doctor's when the doc was prescribing medicine she asked if she preferred tablets or syrup , Ansuh said " I like only Crocin aunty- the pink one na- you know? Yummy! "


We have a couple of cute regular visitors toour window - squirrels. They usually peep in and I am sure smile at us and scamper away.

Last week, the window was open and a baby squirrel entered the home. We did not see it come in , since this is one of the inner bedrooms. When the maid was sweeping she encountered it. We had a tough time guiding it out. The poor thing was very young and petrified and maybe blind as well.

Once we were successful, Anush asked me" So you took the "skewril" back to its amma appa? They were searching for it? It did not know how to go home?"


We were channel surfing and stopped at a montage of actors in drag. I said" Wow he really looks pretty"
Anush corrected " Not he Amma- SHE looks pretty"
That was Ritesh Deshmukh and he does look gorgeous as a woman


I was a little late coming home last evening. Anush, on the phone, asked me" You are stuck in traffic amma? Bad traffic? "


Anush's favourite phrase nowadays " Okay, Sure" except to the query" Shall we go to school?"

Amma- Why baby?

Anush - " Amma I have cold and fever - I cannot go"

On probing" I don't like pouring grains, polishing / colouring/ building blocks again and again "

So I reason that there are many more activities to explore.

I am beginning to feel worried that she will be the youngest school drop out or the most bored student of the century. :-)


DC said...

LOL @ 'skewril' and yeah, me too having cold and fever... but can't skip office :-(

Swaram said...

Nice post and ROFL @ the last comment.

Monika said...

lol!!! all of them were so cute

~nm said...

She sounds so adorably cute and intelligent!

2 B's mommy said...

may be talking to her teacher to get her to do something more challenging will make the cold and fever dissapear!

Artnavy said...

all- funny- innocent and charming kids can be

2B's - i think so too :-)

i was a little puzzled by this photo that she had taken. I took a while to figure it out- what about you?

DC said...

oh ok.. am such a dumbo! in spite of you naming it self portrait i was wondering how it was possible.. that's a mirror is it?

Ramya said...

I had very similar feelings about my Ananya and her going to school, but it looks like 2 weeks in a new school has sorted it out.

choxbox said...

why don't you talk to RC or any of A's other chittis?

IBH said...

no! dont you worry! Kaju would be the most boed student or the youngest to drop out :)

you know what Kaju has named Squirrel? - "kullell" :)

Artnavy said...

DC- right

ramya- but she was not like this a when she started school:-((

chox- the school is not very open to interaction/ discussions is what i have gathered- anyway will try

IBH- haha

Monika,Ansh said...

Anush sounds so cute :)

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! its your fault for making her life outside school so much fun and actually having her do everything well ahead of time!! :p

she is terribly smart! love reading anush speak! anytime of the day! :)



dipali said...

I love this girl:)

workhard said...

Oh, shes so cute, thats how most school going kids are, they just wanna be anywhere but school:)

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workhard said...

Oh, shes so cute, thats how most school going kids are, they just wanna be anywhere but school:)

BPO work from home

Artnavy said...

monika/mamamia/ dipali- :-)

some one told me she is being too adult too soon- i hope not- i thought it was rather innocent banter

The Seeker said...

That was so cute of her!!! And kids, do that na... remember the tantrums that you would have thrown at your mom when you were a kid....

Artnavy said...

thankfully neither of us threw tantrums- more of sobbing and moaning:-))