February 03, 2009

Charge of the white brigade

Found my first two strands of white hair. If I take after my maternal side I will be totally salt (no pepper) in a few years and if I take after the paternal I have another 30 years to go.

Murphy certainly indicates the former is more likely- - hair oils, hair colours, conditioners for coloured hair- here i come.

Just finished reading John Grisham's The Associate
A kind of coming clean story of a bright young lawyer at the start of his career
A typical treat for Grisham's fans

Hope this will help me come out of the "no interest in reading" spell I have been under the last one month or so.

And yes, I hit over 1Lakh visitors finally.


Monika,Ansh said...

Congrats on the 1 lac visitor count ::)

White hair, oh well, I have been using hair dye for the past couple of years & I'm just 31....:(
It's a big pain so I really hope u take to your paternal side & there few srands are just there for luck

Just Like That said...

ha! your first two? I have passed my 20th strand long back. :-D

Congrats on the 1L visitor count :-)

The Seeker said...


White hair! need not bother!!! @ 22. I have a few little difficult to count ones..

Parul said...

Congrats on the one lakh visitors!

I started greying when my father was diagnosed with cancer. I was 25. It's the stress that does it. And the genes of course. Hope you take after your dad, though the salt and pepa is a nice look too!

VJ said...

This is a coincidence.. I found 2 strands too (to add the one that I discovered couple of months ago)last weekend and was a bit upset.

Congrats on the visitor count.

2 B's mommy said...

congrats for the 1L visitors !! My hair started to grey before I touched 30 :-(

choxbox said...

grey hair - got it? flaunt it!

congrats for hitting the hundred thousand mark! may you reach a million soon.

Artnavy said...

2B/ seeker/ monika/ parul/ justlikethat - :-))

VJ- sob sob

chox- i think i look older than my age as it is !!

Mama - Mia said...

chances are i wont have hait for it to grey in coupla years!

so you are much betta off! :D

congrats on 1l!! thats awesome!



Sue said...

I bet the whites totally rock on you. You're one of the lucky ones who'll carry on looking nice well into old age.

Krishnan said...

Congrats on hitting one lakh visitors milestone and as for white hairs, inevitable signs of wisdom :-)

Artnavy said...

mamamia/ sue/ krishnan- tnx and ;-)

Alan said...

I have two strands of black hair left.

Congratulations on the lakh.

dipali said...

Congrats on the 1 lakh!
White hair- what Chox said!
Flaunt it!
I'm hardly reading these days- must get back to it too.