January 29, 2009

Friends forever

We met yesterday after a long gap.

A friend of eight yrs
Who bailed us out during the previous slump in 2001- he gave up his job so that at least a couple of us could keep ours ( he probably thinks we do not know)
Someone who is my mentor
Who is so concerned about my family
A brain with an IIT M / IIM A background
A con artist who still remembers my signature :-))

A recent blogger
A Satyam Employee

Read some of
his latest posts for an insider perspective.


Monika said...

friends like this make life worth living

Monika said...

wow.......it's great to have a friend like that

Indian in NZ said...

You only hear about such people in stories...

nice header!

How do we know said...

Thank you for the link to his blog.. i thoroughly loved reading it and getting to know about him.

Krishnan said...

Great to know about him.

IBH said...

arent friends the best form of relationship one could ask for?

'A Satyam Employee' has not become an identifier..:)

like my Mr..he works there too :)

Artnavy said...

he is an inspriring guy and unassuming too

do visit his blog for a variety of posts

workhard said...

You barely find people like that today. Consider yourself lucky

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Part Time Jobs said...

Friends like that are rare to friend.Most of the friends only interested in your wallet,girlfriend and for self interest.

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