January 28, 2009


The last couple of days, a movie shoot is underway in our building premises.

When I got home from work, I was puzzled to find my two large flower pots and a pair of black terracota horses missing. The latter is pretty high on the sentiment quotient even if they are not that expensive. I have preserved them for over 9 yrs now.

I found it adorning one of the unoccupied flats on the same floor. What the film guys are using for the shoot.

Just basic decency and courtesy wouldn't you say to seek our permission before taking our stuff, even if it is accessible ? And if they were so considerate that they did not wish to disturb us when we are at work ( read in sarcy tone) :
- Could they not have at least put it back in place after the day's work ?
- Would they replace it had they broken/ chipped it?

So in true artnavy style, I went and presented my arguments to our building coordinator. He said he would get the director to apologize. Of course I proclaimed it completely unnecessary and asked for an assurance that none of my stuff be taken/ given.

And to think I insist that Anush share her stuff !! ( except brush, comb, soap, towel and ....husband of course)
To make amends , I share some interesting links with you:
Aarohi's kadai

Have you seen the props in the Minto Fresh TVC/ ad? No? Then go here.
I would love to have a lot of those things- the cooker is fabulous.
Reminded me of Aarohi Singh's work and some corners of Ashwiny Iyer's home and even some of Dithi's art
Trust you will enjoy them as much as I do


Monika said...

oh but that was not done at all... i agree they should have asked before... if i was u i would have basted them :( but then is it against sharing? i dont think so its abt informing before sharing :)

but then on the lighter note... let us know the movie name we will check out ur pots ;-)

and i love the pic of kadai

Mama - Mia said...

movie people think that everyone is so smitten by the glamour bug that they can get away with anything! totally wrong to take stuff without asking ya!

Artnavy said...

monika- visit aarohi's site- u will find even more quirky stuff

mamamia- :-))

megha puNAter" said...

hi artnavy,
i saw the link of the toy post in your blog.thank you for sharing.
i love indian traditional toys and the fact that they are handmade.
now i am off to see the links on this post :)
regards megha

Monika said...

Oh that's so bad of the shooting guys.

Very interesting links there. :)

Artnavy said...

Gosh!! to be so gifted and talented

Blogeswari said...

Mint-o-fresh props are lovely, aren't they?

http://flukedesigncompany.com/ painted the props for the ad filmed by Dungarpur films.


She has her workshop in Andheri

Artnavy said...

thanks blogeswari!!

count on u to know the details!!

the mad momma said...

you're a better woman than me Art - I'd have given them the rough edge of my tongue if it had been me!

love the kadhai - thanks for pointing us to her!

Artnavy said...

madmomma- :-), welcome- checked out the other links?

Anonymous said...

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