December 29, 2008

The Loorace

When a mother daughter duo visit a loo at any theatre:

Pre Anush

Wait your turn and hope to God that you do not lose control Or that some old person jumps the queue making your wait longer

Post Anush- post Diaper zindabaad stage

Anush , as we wait our turn, loudly " I am getting susu amma"

Me pleadingly " Can you hold on please? We have to wait for our chance na?"

Scared teenagers and others scurry away letting Amma and Anush use the loo first!!

I smile goofily and say " Thanks"

Oh what joy!!


Monika said...


Usha said...

Next time I am in chennai and want to go to a film can I borrow that adorable little girl please!

( And as to why we could not meet when we were in chennai, all my days were taken by the kutcheris one at 4 and another at 6:30. Will certainly plan next time)

Doli said...

:) LOL!

Monika said...

Lol.....wicked duo!

Artnavy said...

of course usha

glad to give u guys some tips

dipali said...

Such fun!
I need to borrow your daughter:)

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