December 29, 2008

Abhiyum Naanum

Saw this movie with my mother and Anushka. The film is about a father who tries to grow up
as fast as his daughter does.

Really nice feel and the casting is very apt. Incredibly moving in parts, endearing in some and hilarious due to Prakash Raj's comic timing and some dialogues.

On the negative side it was:
  • poorly edited- a drag in parts
  • not as funny as Father of the Bride
  • had some unnecessary songs
  • too - too much senti

Some slip ups( pun intended) -

  • Trisha in the song in a maroon sweater/ T shirt- the first shot her waist is exposed when she lifts her hand, there on she has a black slip that shows each time her t shirt lifts up
  • Both Prithviraj's( still possible) and Prakashraj's kids have the same cycle that Anushka has ( pray tell me if it was in production 20 yrs ago!!)
  • The young Trisha seemed to have 2008 printed on her blanket
  • The cheesy Chinese Lotus candle made its way 3 yrs ago to India- the birthday boat scene has it- again a flash back that shld have taken you 5 yrs back at least.


jayasree said...

Good review. Exactly the same what I felt after watching the movie. You seems to have an eye on details. Among the slip ups mentioned, I noticed only the first one.

Happy New Year.

Artnavy said...

thanks- i was sitiing on the fifth row- could not have missed these things

Doli said...

:) heheh the slip ups were good :) I havent seen the movie.. which language is it in?

Artnavy said...

Tamil Doli

S.. Diva said...

the slip ups are too good

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