December 16, 2008


Since this exciting weekend Anushka is lamenting having to go back to school and says"I will stay home and take rest amma"

So I told her she was able to do much of the " work" she likes to do (counting/ mopping/ polishing) only because of what she learnt at school and that taking rest meant giving up all her toys/ books/ colouring tools/ music/ cycle and TV ( her favourite things, in that order)

That was the end of the request for rest.

Growing up!

She amazed me yesterday with her prowess with the computer mouse- she was enlarging pictures on the blog and returning to the main text post closing the pic window- by HERSELF!!

Anush was delighted by her monthly birthday today and for the first time connected it up with counting and months.

She was browsing through some magazine and exclaimed" Oh Aamir uncle- everywhere Aamir uncle!!"

Still a baby

Her wound on her chin is turning ugly and she was concerned if it would ever go away . : - ))

Sorry Bhai is watchable only on DVD for Shabana Azmi and Boman Irani's chemistry. I have been hearing VERY negative reviews of Rab ne banaa di jodi- will recco you read Blogeswari's if you are a Tamilian


DC said...

lovely snippets. I was laughing at Aamir Uncle..everywhere Aamir uncle..LOL! As long as it is not SRK uncle everywhere, I am glad!
And hope the wound on her chin heals really fast...

Blogeswari said...

Aamir uncle, Aamir uncle everywhere- LOL !

You must bring her to Mumbai especially to one of the multiplexes here -IMAX Wadala to be precise. All the uncles at the canteen , ticket counter have become Aamir (mottai) uncles as part of the promotion for Ghajini

and here

How do we know said...

lovely snippets.. u edit them well.

And Sorrybhai.. i LOVED it!! i quite liked Chitrangada's work.. except in the climax scene..

Artnavy said...

tnx all

blogeswari- i will look it up

howdoweknow- Chitrangada is really awesome looking- i cant say i loved the movie though- the sandra bullok one on these lines was better

Krishnan said...

Art, sure will take your advice and looks up Blogeshwari's blog for review of Rab ne banaa di jodi. Meanwhile, if you have not read it already, check out this:

Krishnan said...

Read Blogeshwari's review - had me in splits throughout :-)

Anonymous said...

awww. how nicely you convinced her of the need to go to school.

Mama - Mia said...


the trailers of Rab ne were so bad that i didnt even dream of watching it! add to that I am not too fond of SRK anywayz!

Anush is so smart and cute all at the same time!! am sure Anush can do better job at MS Paint than me! :p



ps: hope to catch sorry bhai for Chitra! and now Boman Nd Shabana too!



starry said...

I hope the wound on her chin heals fast.she is just so cute and says the most interesting things.You have an award on my blog.