December 17, 2008

Slippery Tales and More

Self- "Do you like your Mickey slip ons Ansuh?"
Anush- "No amma Minnie mouse. Yes I like them very much" ( on closer inspection I had to agree)
Navy- " Will you buy me a pair Anush? "
Anush- "No appa this is for children. You are too big na?!"

At school loudly, as Navy was dropping her off- " Appa!! P chithi's dupatta and your shirt are matching matching!!"

She misses my father (thaathu) since he has moved to Delhi. Here is what she had to say last night, " I will drive a plane, put a seat belt, take everybody , go to Delhi, catch thaathu and put a seat belt for him and bring him back to Chennai. . ." much to our amusement and a faint sadness.

And yes, I am flattered. Got awarded twice more - the proximity award from StarryNights and Justanothemommy. Thanks guys.
My blogger is still giving me trouble - am unable to link or even add pics on posts. . .have done the tag before. So please excuse.


Mama - Mia said...


she doesnt ever cease to amaze!



DC said...

and she seems to have gotten the idea of putting the seat belt right.. :-) cute.

The Seeker said...

First timer here! searching google on The silent raga! and landed here! read your review.. I actaully read the book recently.. loved it,, read a couple of your posts,, found it interesting.. Nice blog ma'm.. take care!!!!

Monika said...

awww the idea of driving a plane and then puting seat belt is soooooo cute

Choxbox said...


interesting ideas these kids have right?!

Artnavy said...

thanks all

She sure has ideas- she often exclaims " I have an idea, okay?!"
and everyone around has to pay attention:-))

VJ said...

She is just amazing !!! what more can I say..