December 14, 2008

Weekend > 48 hrs

We were in Chintamani and Bangalore this weekend. The 2 days seemed longer than 48 hours, given how many people we met and the fun we had- crawling around in the traffic included.

In Cmani, we went to Navy's school and Anush had fun on the slides and the Parallel bars.

In Blore, we had two bday parties to attend- one of an 80 yr young relative and another my MIL's 60th bday. Both were conducted the traditional way in temples, followed by yummy food.

We forced my MIL to get a home facial, coloured and trimmed her hair, applied Mehendi and so on. Being the traditional sort she was rather embarrassed but enjoyed it I guess.

Anush was indulged way too much by Navy's cousins- all in their late teens/ early 20s

Anush to H akka : "Who will take care of you after I go?"

Referring to an Anna:" Where is the red shirt man? I want to see him"

She fell a few steps on the staircase in a duplex house when she was rushing up to meet one of the boys and bruised her chin- After the tears, solemnly she said- "...if I am not careful I will fall. If I am careful, I will not fall." My baby!

Anush refused to sing Happy bday at home to her paati saying she would only do it at the party.

Answer to Cousin who asked whether there would be cake at the birthday " It is in temple na, so no cake"

Also got to meet Apu, who was recently published in the Hindu's travel page, on a quick visit to a mall of sorts- Brand factory. The noisy and crowded mall was probably a first for Anush and she was really taken up with a lot of the theme toys and children's crockery which I managed to NOT buy her.

On our return journey to Chennai she said- "Amma why is elephant not walking? " on seeing a jumbo on wheels on the highway

After returning home to Chennai " Amma I am cranky. Sing me to sleep." Good self assessment.


VJ said...

That seems quite full-on and you are back to work already !!!!!!
kewl !

Blogeswari said...

Ditto VJ - Already at work?

Love the elephant clock - cute!

Artnavy said...

yes- my blogging activity levels indicate I am at work- funny!!

oops- The clock is not properly oriented in the pic

Choxbox said...

missed you again! had a hectic weekend though - parents have left :(

Monika said...

u were in blore... next time u come ping me... brand factory is so close to my house :) would love to meet ya

Monika said...

Wow.......u have been busy!

Mama - Mia said...


a packed weekend like always! and yes monika's offer dittoed here! :)

and Anush is one smart cookie!



Artnavy said...

monika- mama mia- will do

How do we know said...

That last self assessment was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

She's very self aware! :)

you've been awarded

Artnavy said...


JAM- i am unable to get into your blog

Doli said...

Seems like you had a fun-filled weekend :)

Alan said...

Cool picture. I never see elephants trucked around these parts.