November 12, 2008

Quick Update

For Chox box, on the previous post(er) , it was a reading of Pippi Longstocking at Landmark. She seems like an opinionated bold kid from Sweden with enormous strength and a good heart ( source: wikepedia) And Landmark seems to think all moms are SAHM!! How could they schedule it in the middle of a work day?

Some updates-
For those in Chennai
Vanilla place has a "sale" of used but in good condition kids' stuff where parents can try to buy/ sell/ exchange stuff. On Nov 15th - Saturday. Ph 45534145

For all everywhere, I got this in the mail:
Just to let you know that is running a children's day contest (for parents) for writing about your child's cutest or funniest moments. Contest ends Nov 18th. And there are cash prizes in store!

Saw this and am impressed at this focused approach which I am sure will give others a second chance ( without being judged hopefully) at something that is usually intended to last a life time.


Monika said...

How I wish we had a sale of kids stuff here in Kol.I have tons of stuff which I am hoarding & I am not sure whether a new parent in the family would actually like to get this stuff.:(

Artnavy said...

just put it up on your blog and i am sure u will find takers!!

B o o said...

Art - the hyper links in your page are in yellow which kinds of blends with the back ground color and becomes invisible. Just FYI.

Artnavy said...

hey boo- u caught a work in progress- will u chek it for me now

Blogeswari said...

The Vanilla sale sounds good. btw I have Tarla Dalal's cook books (3 years- almost 15 issues) with me. Loads of interesting veggie recipes. If anyone needs it do let me know I could carry them with me when I make a trip to Madras this December

Mama - Mia said...

i am such a hand me downs friendly person! Cubby has loads of toys and clothes from cousins which i happily use! the sale sounds excellent!

and we still cant make out the hyperlinks!! though i do love the new look! :)



Artnavy said...

blogeswari - i will ask around

mamamia- pl check if the hyper links are ok now- the colour code does not have yellow- i do not understand why it is showing up like that

Choxbox said...

we have all three of the pippi books and yup she totally rocks. is among n3's favourites and that is why she is reading the hindi version now.

i think its been filmed too.

Artnavy said...

Hey chox-
I thought that it would be too grown up for anush anyway- shld wait a few yrs before i introduce her to Pippi right?

Choxbox said...

well she might still like it but probably won't get it totally. pippi lives by herself and does what she likes so that itself is an interesting concept for kids.

okay lets say i'd put pippi somewhere between milly-molly-mandy and secret seven/ famous five in terms of fundaes.

Artnavy said...

i am off to first find milly molly mandy

Chennaimoms said...

You could post the items for sale in Check out this post: