November 11, 2008

Bunking school

"Amma I am not feeling well enough to go to school" Anushka woke up today saying this. Then she really had a small bout of coughing. I told her she could stay home today as well and take rest.

Soon enough there was not even a trace of the sick child of yesterday , instead we had a prancing monkey, chattering away and dancing about the house.

So I told her " Anush you seem fine - let us go to school."

"No Amma, I am not well enough " she said and promptly did this-

Starting very young I must say. To think I never ever bunked school !! I was really timid. Can't say the same about college though.

Talking of leave, I was amused by a friend who is planning a trip to Malaysia with his family. He is so petrified to ask for leave at his child's school that he is asking for a few days claiming some illness and then planning to extend the leave by a few more days

Couple of questions:

What kind of school is that ? Why intimidate?

What if the child blurts out the truth of the vacation once they are back- u can hardly coach a child to lie?

And we are taking of a child in kindergarten here btw.

And I leave you with this-


Blogeswari said...

Reminds me of my nephew who is aptly nicknamed N T Dramarao

VJ said...

How I wish I can buk work too!!like Anush ...and not worry about the aftermath.

Monika said...

lol........she reminds me of my Ansh :)

Artnavy said...

blogeswari- that is hilarious

vj- me too but my mom will still not let me:-))

monika- even their names are

Mama - Mia said...

drama queen indeed!!

much later in my school life, i used to pretend to have stomach upset! thatrs one illness they cudnt check!! :p

and its crazy that schools should expect we take permission to take the kid on holiday! that too in KG! geez!



Artnavy said...

i am ok with the intimation kind of thing not having to need permission at that class that too

and dont we know travel opens children's minds to a million experiences and sensations

WhatsInAName said...

lol at Anushka's nautanki!!!

About the school, I sometimes feel that its parents who are overacting and over-reacting. Heck! They should give a piece of their mind to the princi!

Choxbox said...


hey whats that abt pippi? sounds good!
btw the hindi version called 'pippi lambemoze' (published by tulika) is being read around here currently. interesting coincidence!

Artnavy said...

whatsinaname- they would rather think of shifting their child out of the school!!

choxbox- more on it in the next post

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! seriyana natak rani!

Artnavy said...

correct subha