November 19, 2008

60 saal ke jawaan

My MIL is turning 60 today.

Being a severe asthmatic, she takes care of her intake and weight. The plus side of this is that she has the most awesome legs I have seen to date- slender and flawless, genetically hairless as well. I am sure she would be embarrassed to read this : - )

She takes her work very seriously, likes to please everybody, sings well and is a doting wife and an earnest mother.

We got her a silk sari and a Raaga watch of her choice to mark this milestone. I would have liked to create a pictorial journey of her life so far but I do not have any old pics of aunty and also I would not have been able to put it up here for public view anyway. Instead here is a painting full of soul, which I think reflects how she possibly was as a young girl.

Aunty, here is wishing you a lot many years of health and happiness.


Blogeswari said...

That's very thoughtful of you, Art!

Your m-i-l must be very proud of her lovely d-i-l

Krishnan said...

Let me also join you in wishing your m-i-l. The painting speaks eloquently.

Jayashree said...

What a beautiful painting, Art. Here's wishing your MIL a wonderful birthday.

Choxbox said...

Beautiful pic! You have it?! Have you considered switching careers?!

Btw, you call your MIL 'aunty'? Nice!

Mama - Mia said...

Happy Birthday to art's mil! :D

hope she has an even better life ahead!



Artnavy said...

Thanks all on my MIL's behalf and

This painting was on display at Lalit Kala Academy and my mentor and friend passed it on to me

I hope the artist does not mind but I do not know his/ her name to give credit. Just that he/ she must be extremely gifted and that the model of this pic will grow up into a real beauty


i really wish i owned the painting but it is very expensive as per my very rich friend- so i can surely not afford it :-))

yes I call her aunty.

Honestly you can only have one mother and the term "amma" is reserved for her.

Does not mean I respect my MIL any less.She understands it too, I think.I hope. :-))

hahah! Navy's sis's hubby and I keep emphasising how lucky they are to have us as their maapilai and marumagal!!

Seriously she IS kind of proud of me despite my not being so lovely.

How do we know said...

This is sooo cute! Happy Birthday to her and here's to the continued love story between you two... loved this post and the painting. She looks like someone with a lot of substance and warmth.

D said...

What is it with all these mommy types and hairless legs?! Will we also be like that when we're 60? :)

And hey, Happy B'day to her!

D said...

What is it with all these mommy types and hairless legs?! Will we also be like that when we're 60? :)

And hey, Happy B'day to her!

wordjunkie said...

Hi, I keep returning to this blog, for the pix of Anush as much as your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi First time delurking though I read your blog everyday. Nice blog I really enjoy reading it. Sorry never commented.

Today I had to comment because I share my Bday with your MIL. Hope I can turn out to be a nice person also:)

Best wishes to your MIL. And it is good to hear a good relationship between DIL and MIL. I have a great one too and I call her "Amma" :) being a Tambrahm and all u see. And she definetely deserves it though. Ok enough of my rambling.

Have fun and Anushka is one lovely kid I have to tell you

-Well Wisher

Daisy said...

hey Art,
I do read ur blog every so often- am too lazy to comment though..

The painting is amazing!

Happy bday to your MIL. BTW, I call my MIL aunty too and my husband calls my mom aunty :).. we used to be best friends and knew each other's parents much before we started dating- hence the terminology.. :)

do you call other relatives on your husband's side by the proper relationships- i.e. mama/chitappa etc? I do and peoople find it strange :)..

nuf of my rambling I guess and this is why I never comment - cos I cannot stop :)

Usha said...

That is a beautiful painting. and I love Anushka's pic in the heading. You keep changing the look of this blog ever so often and each one looks lovely. And that art by anush is amazing. She is so talented.
Belated wishes to your MIL - I am sure she is as proud of you too...

Artnavy said...

how do we know-
yes she is really old school in a good way

tell me about it- i really doubt if i will ever be hairless except on the head when i am old

well wisher-
me too tam brahm but find it difficult for the reason i mention

yes i call the rest of the relatives by the proper title in Tamil

thanks a lot

Monika said...

Hey that's so sweet of you. & I loved the fact that u call her aunty & she doesn't mind.
Lovely painting & here's wishing her a very happy birthday .

the mad momma said...

:) what a lovely tribute Art...
And i dont know how to say this - but i think its wonderful you call your MIL aunty. I've noticed trouble mostly in places where they insist on replacing your mom and having you call them amma too. you have no ideahow happy iam to see such a lovely genuine birthday wish.. and the small disclosure that you call her aunty...

big hug to you - yes i am random like that :)

and oh - Awwwwwesome template.

the mad momma said...

and err... stupid me - Happy Birthday Aunty!!! May the love your family and you share, just keep growing!

dipali said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful Aunty MIL! Loved the nomenclature:)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful gesture of love . The painting you used is beautiful. It was very refreshing to read this tribute .

Artnavy said...

thanks all from aunty and from me!!

My point is however politically correct it may sound i can never equal her daughters and she can never be my mother

but we can still be good friends and that works better- since there is a little bit of formality and therefore diplomacy and thereon honesty in the relationship-

we r not trying to be something we cannot be to each other

Sue said...

Happy birthday to Aunty! And yes, I agree about DILs not being daughters. There's space for different relationships and beauty in them being different.

Artnavy said...

you said it SUE

hey all
my SIL read post and the comments in it to my MIL she called to tell me it was really nice:-))