November 20, 2008

Four the movies

Saw Amu, EMI and Road side Romeo.
Amu was a poignant look at the gruesome 1984 riots- the aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination. Konkana fits the bill and adopts a pseudo American accent but remains credible. It is about an adopted and now privileged girl returning to find her roots. Brinda Karat is beautiful in the Nafisa Ali sort of way. The rest of the cast is very authentic and natural. Watch the grand ma and the dhaaba waala's wife( Chutki of Hum Log) .
I was a kid in 1984 and only recall the long leave we got at school, in Vijayawada and that the Niky Tasha TV dealer closed shop since he was a sardar. 1984 in Delhi seems to have been shameful & inhumane as at Godhra recently or at the Jewish holocaust long ago ( fresh in my memory due to the recent The Final Reckoning - Sam Bourne book and Parzania)

EMI starts off slow- that I do not like Malaika Arora does not help. But it builds up very well - stories bind why people opt for the EMI and why they may default. Enter the recovery agency- Good luck!! Post interval it turns into a Munna bhai type do gooder movie. And not as funny or cute. Watch it at home, when you can fast forward the songs which slow down the pace.
Roadside Romeo was cute and the dance- song sequences were really cool. This was the only movie Anush watched with me, rather only the songs .
I tried to watch Ek Vivaah Aisa bhi and manged to see it in 20 minutes thanks to the remote. Can't remember anything about it except that the hero was called Prem. I must be given a bravery award as per Amma to even get such DVDs home.


Mama - Mia said...

bravo Indeed!!!! :D



Monika said...

i have been dying to watch amu.... cant get hold of the original dvd and me somehow against piracy

1984 in delhi was the most horrendous acts i have seen with my own yes... i was a kid too but I think some part of my childhood died that day when one very very well own sardar bhaiya we used to play with was burned to death...

i have very scary memories of that whole episode

Monika said...

Over how many days did u acheive this feat? :)(of watching 4 movies)

I want to see Amu too.

Artnavy said...


that is really so sad if u knew someone who was affected by it directly
Amu was an orig dvd- they are
avail at odyssey/ landmark

over 4 nights and one morning !!after packing off kiddo and hubby- had an extra half hour- it helped that ek vivaah- was done in 20 minutes

Choxbox said...

i do most movies in 20 min - so challenged am i in the patience dept when it comes to bollywood. so falling at your feet!

check out 'the age of kali' by dalrymple. i had no clue abt the details of the 1984 episode till i read it. aaah i know what to get for you next month!

GB said...

Was good to run into you yesterday though I couldn't really talk much...we're doing this Young Journalists thingy for the exhibition (shall blog about that soon!)and the kids were bludgeoning me with questions just then. Anyway, we're moving to Neelankarai in December, so if you want to take a look at office, do come by this week.

I loved the way Amu ended. The violence in that film was so subtle and scary.

Artnavy said...

chox- will do so- confession- i have not read dalrymple at all

GB- completely understand- just was curious to meet you and hence asked and it turned out to be you!
we will catch up sometime soon.