October 23, 2008

Off on a Rainy Day

Many years ago, a girl travelled each day from Dombivli to Mulund, by train, to her school. A good half hour journey.

The Bombay monsoons were her favourite season. They did not have to wear black Bata shoes but wore rain footwear instead. The plants looked clean and green. The mini waterfalls in Mumbra were a treat. The weather was apt for fried bajjis ( among her favourite snacks) which she had learnt to call bhajiyas on moving to Bombay.

And on some days she would travel all the way to school to find it was shut due to heavy rains. There were no mobiles then and they did not even have a phone. And the journey back home would be thrilling. She would be ready to cosy up with an Enid Blyton or some such, munch away at the snacks at home, fix herself some macaroni and hot chocolate.

Then she would await her Amma's return from college for the deep fried goodies. No phones, no computers, no cable TV. Just the monsoon magic of a surprise holiday .

View from my cabin

Anush has an off today once again at school, due to the rains. She was thrilled at the holiday and said " Again no school today!!"

She wanted to know if I could stay home to be with her. . .

Chennai monsoon fun - enlarge and note the spellings


Blogeswari said...

Miss Madras mazhai the most - especially during Deepavali

My talai deepavali, yearrsssss ago was one mazhai-filled Deepavali!

Deepavali-fervour - sweets, shopping, "ganga snanam aaacha" at 5pm despite the adai-mazhai - Me missing madras mazhai

Choxbox said...

oh the joys of an unexpected day off from school!

btw why no school for anush?

Artnavy said...

blogeswari- here is a piece of it coming your way

too much rain and water logging-no response on the illustration??

Choxbox said...

oh didn't check mail, will do now. btw LOLing at gapoad!

Artnavy said...

i didn't get " gapoad" immediately then i rolled in laughter and clicked it for our viewing pleasure

Anonymous said...

gapoad!! ha ha ha ha ha.

nice story btw...the narration from childhood.

Krishnan said...

hmm wistful nostalgia ? Me too longs for the time when there were no mobiles, computers, 24-hour TV channels...
Happy Deepavali well in advance to you, Anush, Navy and others at home.

VJ said...

Deepavali and rains !!!
isnt that the best ?!!!
Getting wet wearing new clothes!!!!!!
I miss those so much !

Artnavy said...

happy diwali folks

Mama - Mia said...


yes! unexpected holidays are lot more fun!

sad part is we need to think so much to take a break juste comme ca!

hope anush had a fun day!



the mad momma said...

LOL! love the banner... and Happy Diwali to you guys!

Artnavy said...

mama mia- yes she has fun no matter what

madmomma- tnx rare visitor