October 13, 2008

Singing in the rain

Anush gave this to the Kalpakkam paati whose golu we went to- she coloured it in so patiently I was amazed.

Would you not wish to save trees? Use arty looking paper? Recycle? Do you love elephants?Maybe you can patronize this.

We scouted for Golu dolls this weekend and went to Khadi (a treasure trove) and Poompuhar a( a waste) . We finally visited Mylapore for a "doll auction" on the road side. Very exciting experience!! I am told we must go to Kuralagam ( Parrys) and to VTI which is also hosting a craft bazaar.

Also caught up with

- friends over dinner and lunch

- Bachna ae haseeno and Rock on ( i adore Arjun Rampal)

And yes, Kiddy Dumb charades is very entertaining . Try it.

As for the title of the post, much as I decided I will enjoy work in this romantic weather ( it has been raining here) , the number game has started yet again....


Blogeswari said...

Tell me about the dolls you bought in Mylapore . Do post pics.

Amma has bought Murgar + 2 poets for me. Can't wait to see them

Lovely Durga painting!

Haati chaap - NDTV ran a feature on them sometime ago. Is it available in Madras / Mumbai? Let me know

Artnavy said...

haati chaap-their email is defunct, must try calling them

on the golu dolls- all packed and in the attic till next yr- so pics will have to wait:-))

cool na- the durga

Choxbox said...

blogeswari - the pic in your comment - saw two dolls exactly like those in one of the golus in our complex. they are made from a single piece of wood right?

Blogeswari said...

Choxbox - yep, they are called Marappachi bommais - dolls made out of wood

Artnavy - here's a link for you- more ideas for your next year's golu


Hip Grandma said...

Did Anush paint it herself?wonderful.Give her a handshake.BTW you're tagged.Do take it up.

Anusha said...

i cant believe she colored that in herself with such presicion!awesome job, Anush!

Artnavy said...

thanks and congrats- it was wonderful to see your commnet at my place- you are sorely missed

and yes that colouring has been done by Anushka herself- when are u in chennai next- we can catch up

choxbox- full post coming up

blogeswari- Pushpa SampathKumar, is navy's relative

k's mom- i shall tell her that her work has been appreciated
she can be very patient ...sometimes:-))

Artnavy said...

first part of my comment was for HHGMOM- so excited to see her here that i forgot to address her :-))

Choxbox said...

yup that colouring is cool indeed :)

Mama - Mia said...

i LOVED Anush's colouring! i STILL cannot dream of colouring it so perfect! way to go!

rest of the post interesting as always! :D



Anonymous said...

appa, evlo porumai unga ponnukku. prefect painting. give her a pat on my behalf.