October 10, 2008

Fishy affair

It was a work day for me and an off for Navy , who came armed with Anush and took me away early from work to a movie!! Wow, felt good like a knight to the rescue.
Courtesy- Mayajaal

We saw Poi Solla Porom- a remake of Khosla ka Ghosla. Nedumudi Venu was wonderful, Naseer a little under utilised, Karthik - brooding as the character had to be. Yet, the secretary to Daddy (he reminded me of our delightful dentist) and Daddy( Mouli) were the best!! The rest of the cast was also true to the roles. But as with the Hindi original, I could hardly miss the pain of being swindled out of a house and the final victory did not make up for it.

I recollect feeling " yikes" when I heard of the fish pedicure being offered at GRT Temple Bay.
And now I read that Fish pedicure is banned in Texas for similar concerns.

".............. Susan Stanford said the agency was concerned about salons using the same fish to clean the skin of multiple customers, leaving them open to possible infections. She also said the foot baths and holding tanks, because they’re home to live fish, could not always be properly cleaned and disinfected. "

Now the owner is wondering what to do with the fish she bought for $2,500!!


Jayashree said...

Like the new header pic.
Wonder why people actually pay to have little creatures bite them. I mean, I know it is supposed to feel good and all that....but still that's a living thing nibbling away at your foot!!!

Blogeswari said...

Am reminded of this dialogue of MMKR after reading about fish pedicure - "I mean what I mean... but they can't be so mean... enna ezhavu yellarum mean mean nngraa.. aava english mean-a patti pesara"


Artnavy said...

jayashree- thanks and tell me about it

blogeswari- a dilaogue for any ocassion!! hahah

starry said...

Just cannot imagine a fish pedicure

Choxbox said...

yikes indeed.

new header very cool.

Artnavy said...

glad all echo my sentiments on a fish pedicure

tnx on the header choxbox- i understand from our visist to the Rail museum that wood coaches are no longer in production - even the Ooty one has a lot of metal in it now

Choxbox said...

yesterday we were watching DVDs of malgudi days (the serial that used to be aired on DD) and n3 and i were talking about how much things have changed - in those days most things were made of wood or cloth or metal, now just half a century later plastic has almost totally taken over.