September 08, 2008

A Wednesday Weekend

I asked for tickets for Rock on and the lady at the counter said "I have only for Wednesday. "
I was shocked- Rock on is sold out till Wednesday- In Chennai??
edited to add- She meant she had tickets for "A Wednesday" the movie

Well and that is why we went to watch this movie.

A Wednesday is hard hitting, thrilling, inspiring rattles you and surprises you in less than 2 hours.

The casting is fantastic, the acting realistic, the dialogues are brilliant. What else can you expect with Naserrudin Shah and Anupam Kher in a movie.

I cannot mention anything more without being a spoil sport.

My father had a small surgery to get rid of a cyst. He is back home now. Anush behaved as if the hospital was a resort/ hotel when we visited. After wanting a reassurance that her thaathu would be fine soon and figuring out why he was on drips.

Other than that , we lost an ailing grand uncle to cancer. More on that later.


Itchingtowrite said...

what r u saying- the last we looked on friday - the shows were empty in mayajaal... ..
for rock on

wednesday is a must do by another colleauge too

must do so.. adds mentally to my growing scrolling list of must see movies - all yet unticked

Mama - Mia said...

yeah! heard some real good things about this one!!

have to catch both!! when is the question!! :(

soon, i hope!



Rohini said...

You missed mentioning the drool-worthiness of the cast. Are you in the Farhan camp or the Arjun camp ;-)

Glad your dad is fine post-surgery. Sorry about your grand uncle

Artnavy said...

itchy- it was a misunderstanding- the lady meant A Wednesday the movie

And on Rock on that particular show was sold out on Sunday- this was ega theatre btw

ro- you missed the post
i saw wednesday not rock on
anyway i am for sure in the ARJUN camp

Subhashree said...

Sorry to hear about your grand uncle. Is your dad up and about now? anush behaving as if the hospital were a resort, good one :)

Artnavy said...

thanks subha

yes appa is fien now- just cant yet go for his walks for a week or so

Choxbox said...

my sis also said good things abt the movie. will check it out.

anush too cute!