September 09, 2008

Much ado about nothing

Jaya Bachan's statement creates an uproar- Why ban her family's movies - just ban her movies if at all- Can the entire family be held responsible for an individual opinion?

If one has to nit pick- the fact is that she is from Bengal is she not?

And I recollect some write up which mentioned a Hindi movie ban in TN- who said that- How do you think I have been up to date on Bollywood flicks the last decade or so?

Also would it be wrong for our NRI friends to call themselves Indian when they are in the US?

Would Mumbai be Mumbai without all the multi cultures that co exist there? Mumbai is rich and diverse due to having welcomed so many from various backgrounds and assimilating what they have to offer. Of course they have given back to Mumbai as well. All in all a healthy give and take and symbiotic relationship.

What is the argument about again?

Remember we are all civilised human beings and world citizens first or are we?


Mama - Mia said...

People like BT and RT thrive on making issues outta non-issues. sad thing is LOT of people fall for it!

and its ridiculous to ban anything by an artist because your political ideologies are different. it just not done!

someday everyone will realise how downright silly such things are!



How do we know said...

I was too disgusted to even comment on this "controversy" . Indian media ki jai ho!!

TheGirlNextDoor said...

you know what, these MNS and SS ppl do not even deserve this much attention. This is a mere last ditch attempt to get back the votes they once commanded. However, the marathi manoos i hope is a bit more sensible and can see through the drama.

Krishnan said...

If Raj has his way (God forbid) he will insist on passports to enter Mumbai. It is better to ignore this loony bins rather than give them the oxygen of publicity.

Choxbox said...

totally with you.

btw neat new look!

Artnavy said...

hmmm. i guess i am giving the whole thing unecc publicity

tnx choxbox