September 05, 2008

Baap re baap

Well it is normal for fathers to tell daughters stories. Here it is the other way and are they colourful or what:

  1. "I called Shah Rukh uncle appa. On phone. He is coming home. To new property. I will let him sleep here appa( pointing to our bed) - you sleep in hall. Amma can also sleep here...with SRK . " Right. ;-0
  2. " I am doing gem- a- nastics . See me" ( holds her foot in her hand, up over her shoulder)
  3. " Ganesh was there na. He did not listen to his amma appa. Then ummachi ( God) gave him an elephant head and Ganesha was happy."
  4. " Yudihstra- Bheem- Arjun-" And who is their aunty? - Drau-pa- di."
  5. " I am not feeling okay. My stomach is aching. I "cant able" to walk. Carry me !!"
  6. " You give me this pillow. Then I will be comfort- table okay?"
  7. " Never ever walk without chappals okay?"
  8. " I don't have a passport na. When it comes I will take you to Australia and Sri Lanka."

My baby, like most others, seems a natural at drama and spin a yarn.


Itchingtowrite said...

so how was it ;) (the sleeping with SRK part)?

Artnavy said...

give me george clooney or navy anyway

i dont like SRK u know- too short

Minka said...

yes I was going to ask if Anush can call Georgie for me . Art, you can keep SRK .

Anonymous said...

Can Anush conjure up Aamir Khan for me :)

Parul said...

LOL...she is awesome! Can't wait for my boy to reach this stage!

Artnavy said...

minka- i am sure she can summon him twice for each of us - what with her charm and clout

apu- u need to bribe her- she may be able to get bhootnath thaatha though ( amitabh)

parul- soon soon

Anonymous said...

Let her conjure who ever each one of you wants but I would be delighted to have her with me;-)


Krishnan said...

The new look is nice. Went for a total revamp ?

Artnavy said...

beena- come over soon

krish- yes! it has been 2 yrs of blogging now- thought i was ready for a change

Mama - Mia said...

she is do sarn cute and soo smart!! i cant even pick my fav line!! :)



Anonymous said...

So cute! :)

Love Anushka's dresses. Very nice selection!

Artnavy said...


Choxbox said...

this one tooo cute!

Cee Kay said...