September 26, 2008

A taste of Udipi

My first trip to Mangalore. Was eager to catch up on this third most important city in Karnataka.

But I just went to the outskirts of the city. It looked as scenic as Kerala - instead of back waters there were rivers. And instead of Malayalam they speak Tulu. The people I met - drivers/ waiters/ temple priests and of course my clients seemed very pleasant and eager.

The highlight of this trip was the bathroom / rest room at my client's office. Spectacular- wood panelling and black tiles , with lot of focus lighting, truly living up to the phrase" Not Bathrooms but glamour rooms"

I managed to squeeze in the drive to Udupi mainly to see the Krishna temple and must say I loved the Krishna idol. I also had a peaceful darshan with no one shoving me forward since there were in all 5-6 people at the time I visited.

Had a late lunch and hence could not take the famous Udipi snacks or the temple meal and instead ate Pav Bhaji for lunch at a place called Diana in Udipi. So much for the authentic taste of Udipi.

Enroute my driver was keen to share with me, Sunil Shetty's home in Mulki and I also got a glimpse of the NIT at Suratkal and a "power ful" Durga temple in Kattal. Also noticed they had a little town called Katapadi not to be confused with Katpadi here.

None of the security or uneasiness due to the church related skirmishes were visible to me

Anushka is very upset by my travel now a days and when i called from Mangalore on my way back she said" Amma you are coming back? Come in five minutes okay"
Me" I will be there in 5 hours okay baby? "
She happily said " Okay- only five hours!!" ( as you may have gathered, she does not have a concept of hours yet)

Dolls, Trains and a walk on the Wild side
Since Minka asked , I am assuming it will help to provide this link to the railway museum in the Perambur area of Chennai and the doll museum as well at Egmore, Chennai.

WWF is holding a nature photography exhibition open to kids as well at Adyar Poonga, Greenways road beginning today.

Hippocampus has a program for 3-5yr olds focusing on animals starting next week.


How do we know said...

Glad u had a nice trip.

Mama - Mia said...

i just love these quick updates of youts that pack in all the details! very cool!

and V.brave of you to try pav bhaji in karnatak! but northern part of it, it still should be almost like pav bhaji! :D



Choxbox said...

looks like you haffun-ed.

Choxbox said...

report on the new airport pls.

Minka said...

thankee Art

Krishnan said...

Weather quite pleasant out there ?

Artnavy said...

weather was indeed pleasant

airport was expensive shoppers heaven- eating choice very limited- barista and the like

i do not recollect seeing any liquor stores

seating was good announcements were good as well

Doli said...

Good to see you enjoyed Mangalore :) It's my birth place and have been there for a long time..