September 11, 2008

September 11

Was so caught up in work that I forgot today is September 11
God give strength to those who survived it.

I had this mega presentation where we created stalls with props etc . Went off well. Now on to preparation for our meet next week.

The boat guys have gone on strike in Alleppy I hear for better wages. From my limited understanding of the situation, I hope they get it and have a good Onam.

Happy Onam to all of you trow.


Minka said...

Happy Onam to you too !! My MIL and I had a creative fit last night and went on a poo-kolam spree until 11 PM . We did two and then brought out a brass uruli to float the rest. All worth it . We did the home version of Onam sadya today and will follow up with restaurant one - no one said you must have only one Onam Sadya.

Choxbox said...

you bin awarded! check ma blog.

Artnavy said...

tnx chox

minka- how about some snaps once in a while