September 01, 2008

Catch 22

If you HAD to choose - God forbid- which would trouble you more- being the :
parent of one who has been bitten OR
parent of the one who bit

My colleague's kid was bitten by her classmate in school. Not a 2- 3 year old but a 7 yr old!


Minka said...

yikes, definitely being the parent of the biter would be a nightmare for me . I would blame myself for bad upbringing not to mention likely to be harsh with the child.

The Reading Corner said...

sheesh- was it bad? someone i know?
and to answer your question-
(with lots of evil grin)- if he is the bitten then he shud also be the bitter (bite the biter back!!!)

3 years back i wud hav taken a v black & white view of this . but after kids, i always go for shades of grey! one cannot really imagine the situation. perhaps the biter had a strong reason. perhaps the bitten wud hav scratched or hit first! just guessing and giving benefit of doubt

Choxbox said...

wow. why did he/she bite?

tough Q. am i allowed to say 'neither'? no?
then the 2nd one, bcoz if either of mine bite/hit/etc there would have to be a super strong reason - this much i know!

Shobana said...

I would be troubled by both. If Naren was bitten, then my mind would go on overdrive, thinking that he was bullied and was helpless and start crying at that thot...but if he was the biter then I would think of what could have made him do that? reacting to the other person's action or something that we may have said or done at home...and be scared that it had influenced him in such a way. Tough choice, ah?

Artnavy said...

indeed very puzzling

this was a really good school i am talking of and in school hours

the issue was a bunch of pokemon cards ( i thought they were passe)that belonged to neither!!

Mama - Mia said...

well i would not want to be biter's mom! for sure! but i would perhaps have wanted to my son to bite back! :p