September 18, 2008

Footprints in the sand

An official mid week break for brain storming at a beach resort off Chennai

Just one night away and Anushka gave me a warm reception and was truly excited by the surprise- hand picked shells from the each and a small baby coconut- "just for show" she exclaimed herself after asking if she could eat it.

Also encountered- a half polo in a pillow pack!! So I ended up with a half mint with a hole- talk about being short changed.

Has anyone seen or heard of the miniature Puri Jagannath temple in Chennai opposite Mayajaal? Pretty nice I must say.

I have received this award again, last time from Sree and this time from choxbox- thank you!!

I would like to pass it on to many but I think I will choose-

rangdecor- she is oh so inspiring

apusworld- she is articulate and objective, incisive and unsparing.

minka- she makes me laugh


Itchingtowrite said...

puri templ-e read abt it in jet airways flght mag last month. wanted to find where it is..
so now u can tell me!!

Anonymous said...

oh thank you for that one!

The Jagannath temple - I've been visiting there for years now, since I think it was built...and when it was very quiet. I believe its a bit more popular now. It's so much nicer than the original, without priests waiting to fleece you!

Choxbox said...

hey thanks for the links to those blogs!

Artnavy said...

welcome all

itchy- just opposite mayajaal go right in

Mama - Mia said...


a nice week all in all, eh?!

and LOVE the new header!! the background and ofcos gorgeous Anush! :)



Artnavy said...

thanks mama mia

frankly i did not expect the pic to turn out so nice

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