September 15, 2008

Weekend Visits

H Akka nd C akka ( Navy's soon to be married cousins) came in from Blore this weekend to shop and to spend time with Anush. They discovered a shop called JATIN for those interested in semi precious jewellery- it is opposite Saravan Stores in T Nagar

Anush revelled in their company. She adores them and they in turn were indulgent. I got the much needed freedom to cook and entertain them- our first stay on guests in the new place.

Saw Sa-ro-ja, a light hearted movie with an incredibly talented ensemble cast. Not one of them is drop dead gorgeous but all of them were charming and apt. Also refreshing to see a sari clad item girl. Only tip -Jayram next time go easy on the make up. And the film gets slightly slow at times.

I am sure this movie should be remade in Hindi. Aamir Khan are you listening? And retain the director- Venkat Prabhu- okay? So what if it is supposed to be a copy of Judgement Night or some flick like that.

The Delhi blasts left us a little unnerved. Can we live in fear- NO. Can we do something about it- NO- we are not Naserrudin Shah in A Wednesday.

Life just goes on. . .

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