August 29, 2008

(Amma's) Sri Lankan Tour

So the Indian cricket team won at SL.
I like surprises.
Here is a recap of Amma's Colombo trip
Day 1
I missed Amma and I cried when she called to speak to me
Appa and thaathu paati consoled me

Day 2
I was okay and told her to have fun and do well

Day 3
I welcomed her at the airport with Thaathu and demanded a surprise
Amma gave me a giraffe-I liked it and played with it for a while and then could not contain myself
" What just one animal surprise? " I exclaimed.

She waited till we got home and displayed all the stuff that she had got us- clothes, wall hangings, tea etc

Paati wondered if it had been a shopping trip or a business trip.
Amma said she managed to blow up a lot of money in about just the 2 hrs of shopping that she did
The SAARC summit had just happened and the air port and roads were in top condition. India won against Sri Lanka in cricket much to her clients' dismay.
She was disappointed about not having been able to see much of the culture or the country side' s beauty- Just like her previous trip

But I told her she could take Appa and me and go again sometime soon. She mumbled something about expenses and my passport- oh !

You could refer to photos on this site since Amma forgot to take her camera and all she has is shots like these taken on her cell.

And finally she says she fell in love with an old man there and got him for Appa!! ( refer first pic)

Amma adds- ( well she always wants to have the last word)

Geographically Sri Lanka resmbles Kerala and Goa.

They love Shah Rukh and Bollywood and Tamil cinema. But they do not wish to emulate India. They would rather look to the West.

The tension in Colombo, is palpable since they speak of having back up plans in foreign lands and the consulates are very crowded with requests from people to move over either for work or for studies. ( of course my sample size is very small)

Clothes- Odel (most stylish) , Fashion Bug ( most affordable for kids), Cotton Collection, House of Fashion ( good mix- great for men)
Home Decor- Odel ( funky), Paradise Road( auroville types) , Lakshila ( khadi types), Noritake ( fine ceramic ware)
All shops close by 7- 8pm latest. But they open early by 8.30- 9am


Mama - Mia said...


all of Amma's shopping seems just perfect!! she could so much reiki AND shop in just two hours!!

hats off to her!! :D

and you are one cool and brave gal!! :)



Krishnan said...

Too short trip eh ? how was the food ? Quite similar to Kerala dishes ?

Choxbox said...

sounds fun!
btw coming this way mid-sept?

Artnavy said...

veyr similar to Kerala- coconutty and lots of aapama dn iddiaapam ( they call it hoppers)

This is my second visit to Sri Lanka and I flew Biz class this time!!

too short of course ( 2 days ) but i would not want it any oher way without navy and anush in tow

Artnavy said...

choxbox- that way most likely in END september