August 04, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

Anush seems to have mastered the 4 main petrol bunk logos ( BP/ HP/ Indian Oil, Shell) or gets it right by fluke all the time. She loves to try and identify them and keeps looking out for more as we drive. We have all four in our daily drive between Velachery and Pallikarnai.
She confused one bank logo for a petrol bunk ( BP) and I explained to her that the bank was large piggy bank which seems to have got her fancy. So now she wants me to help identify the bank names. I need to learn them first!

We went to Thiruvallur for a ear piercing of Navy's friend's child. A most scenic drive after you cross Motel Highway and hit the right. It is about 20 kms from the highway. And what a palatial mansion the hosts lived in. Anush enjoyed it though she missed balloons- our fault since we had called it a b'day party. We also were thoroughly at a loss to explain an Indian oil kind of station with an orange and grey logo?

We had the more or less final builder meeting to settle ( scores) Went off better than expected and he has promised to take care of our concerns.

The gardener came in with the water lily for planting and we hope it thrives. Anush was rather busy quizzing him." Uncle, shall I water the plants"..... " Uncle it is dirty here" ......." Uncle shall I smell the flower" :- )

Saw Kuselan ( 11.30 pm show at Mayajaal!!) and it is not a patch on the Malayalam original. It also has a very cheap look barring a few beautiful shots. Some graphics / effects such as the dolphins were really tacky and looked straight out of a gaudy marriage album. The flaw I think was to give undue time to Rajni and not to the main protagonist. It ended up being neither an arty thoughtful movie nor an out and out Rajni entertainer with one liners. Also somebody must explain to Vadivelu that shouting s not equal to comedy.
Given the late night show, we went to GRT Temple Bay- Mahabalipuram for dinner- much like the old times pre Anushka. But Anush was a very cooperative bunny and enjoyed her pasta and carrots at 10.30 at night.

My cousin from the US is back for a stint in Kolkotta for an NGO . He came by for the weekend. Anush could not have enough of him and it helps that he is so patient with her and showers her with gifts (his technique for gift giving is slow release - one every two hours or so) This ways he savours each gift and then awaits the next.

See the purple room featured in "Corners of my home"- well Anush believes that it is only for guests and does not like using it!!

Anush and I invited all the new building residents for a small get together - at least we will know who are our neighbours- given that there is only 10% occupancy till now. The response was enthusiastic verbally- time will tell if they really turn up.

We also saw the play " Electronic City" as part of the Metro Plus theatre festival. I would not recommend it unless you like feeling puzzled and bored. The theme is an old one- man at the mercy of technology and wanting to discover himself again, rebels. The execution started off very interesting- a painter doing a back drop on stage all through, the characters seemingly coming from the audience, a drama within the drama , the wonderful use of ghattam ( likened aptly to a heart beat) , use of a video from a German / American actor- director combo to establish the theme. Yet it was very hard to follow and tested one's endurance despite being endearing in rare parts.

While on the festival- The venue this time is superb and the props beautiful . . .and we want to see this play "The whale" - a solo act with lots of props by an actor- dancer.


Mama - Mia said...


a lot happened, huh?

and whats with kids and logos? i know two kids who love guessing cars seeing logos and some even know whicvh car it is by looking at the headlights! phew! :)

anush is looking adorable in the pic! can imagine her asking the garderber soo many questions!



Krishnan said...

I second everything you wrote about Kuselan. Pretty soporific movie. The Purple Room looks out of the world. Anush as usual looks resplendent.

Minka said...

Like I told you , you seem to have more hours in your weekend - how do you do it ?

Also, I plead old age and bad eyes and protest the varying fonts . What gives ?

Artnavy said...

mama mia
:-)) i am soooo poor at car guessing- so have not taught anush that

i really appreciate the fact that u look up almost all the mom blogs each day and take the pains to leave comments as well

glad u agree and thanks

1. plain will power and also anush and I are early risers- so navy does not have a choice

2. blogger did not allow me to insert passages and then align the fonts

Noodlehead said...

she's into bunk logos - wow! she's really growing up fast :)

she looks adorable in that dress!

Artnavy said...

thanks noodle and yes she really is growing up fast

Choxbox said...

man you live a busy and interesting life!