August 07, 2008

Doodles and Oodles

Anush has begun sketching /drawing in school as well.

So each day when I get back from work, I get a little chit with some doodles and oodles of eagerness " Amma, I made this for you."

As you know she has been colouring at home for a while now.

She has enrolled with a formal class this month along with the multitude of kids who go for the art class on the terrace. Let us see if she enjoys it.


Krishnan said...

From the looks of it, Anush seems to be an avid doodler. Happy Doodling Anush.

Mama - Mia said...

she does seem to love it totally! :)



Minka said...

wow ! she's a pro. Bubbles will only arrange the crayons/pencils like a train and refuse to touch it to paper. Sigh !!

BTW, the unjal looks flawless. Where is the crack you mentioned ?

Artnavy said...

krish/ mama mia
u know giving her a free hand is one thing

but making her confirm to something the instructor draws well.....( rolling eyes)

not all kids are into colours right

on the oonjal- cosmetic surgery- touched up- but that is temporary- guess we will need to do it every quarter

Shobana said...

Drawing is about free thinking and free flowing right Art? Sointhatcase,Anush is a pro already. BTW, your home is amazing...every room is beautiful. And u have an oonjal(running to the corner to sob).

Artnavy said...

well- rough weather at the home art class- she point blank told my mother that she would NOT go to the painting uncle

once i got back from work she asked ME to take her for colouring class in the terrace??!! I think she meant with me as the teacher

to think i scored so poorly and got so many RE-DOs for so long in art in school

That heped me later to learn to do mean copies just to spite the "drawing miss"

Artnavy said...

shobana- geee thanks and oonjal has been a childhood dream

Choxbox said...


Collection Of Stars said...

Hey Art, the oonjal looks lovely. Where did you pick it up from?
Did you do your home interiors completely by yourself? Can you give me some pointers?