August 01, 2008

August Ahoy

Reasons I love this August

Independence day weekend is a long one
The Hindu Metro Plus theatre festival is just beginning
There are some fantastic dance recitals on at Narada Gana sabhba with rivers as the theme
I might finally do my official Sri Lanka trip
And Anush's bday is mid month.....

Plan so far - I used my lucky draw money from our Family Day to get Little Kangaroo dresses for Anush. Unlike her usual staple Paavadai chattai... which we may still get for her star bday.


Krishnan said...

My advance birthday wishes to Anush. Hope you make it to Sri Lanka and blog about this lush place.

Artnavy said...

thanks krish- u live in velachery right- pl send me your email

sri lanka i visited a few years ago and loved it htough i was surrounded by office "police" all the time

Mama - Mia said...


looks like a great month already!!

hope it turns just perfect!



Choxbox said...

happy august!