August 22, 2008

Well, what can I say?

Went for the John Britto dance show last evening called " Climax"

Anush was completely put off by the decibel levels. For this venue it was a far cry from the acoustics since our last experneice there. We had gone for a play with Nandita Das where the audience huddled in close to the stage irrespective of the ticket denomination to be able to catch the dialogues!!

I found the JB show mesmerising ( particularly the heady mix of dance with gymnastic like stances) and the audience was cheering wildly like it was a rock show.

Anush was okay only with the first little kiddys' dance. Navy helpfully volunteered to take her out to enjoy the glittering clock on the opposite building with the see through glass lifts on Mount road.

I would have thought with her exposure to 9Xm ( except for the gandhaa aunty songs, when she "close my eyes and just listen" ) she would enjoy this dance show. Well :-((

Then we met up for dinner with buddy K at New Yorker. The food has really deteriorated since the last time we were there. But it does feel like being in Mumbai with the young Gujrati parents you get to see there. Anush was beign shy and hardly spoke to K , whom she bonded with the last couple of times. Well Well :-((

Anyone who visits this space knows that Anush loves wearing paavadai- chattai . I found it cute too and encouraged her. This love is perilously brodering on an addiction.
I told her that I would give away all her other clothes and she could wear only paavdai chatti all the time and she said ...." Yes!!!" Cheeky monster.
Then I asked her again very threateningly and she said " No" Small mercies.

I give in anyway and let her wear them since I am supposed to be the adult here- let go the small issues and harp on the bigger, more important ones. Well Well Well:-((

Off to Blore- Cmani for the weekend.So wait for another weekend update.


How do we know said...

i LOVE that antique weighing scale.. :-)

Artnavy said...

we love it too- it has a slight error now and makes a good conversation piece -it must have seen so many people step on it over the ages- Navy's thaatha was a doctor

in fact we missed the old style God calendar prints from Navy's ancestral home- we r not sure who has them so unable to even request a couple of the same

Collection Of Stars said...

Seems like you are having fun :)
Have a great weekend.

Mama - Mia said...

you sure have been living it up!! :)

and kids are soo unpredictable!! so am sure it was just one of those days!!



Artnavy said...

kids are unpredictable - that is so right

you said it *****