August 25, 2008

Wood Stock

Anushka says Green is the way for me ( Wilson Gardens Blore)

A reader looking for some wooden toys for her 7 months old son happened to view
my blog . This is for her and anyone else who may be on the look out for wooden toys:

Cottage on Temple towers

Chennapatna( karnataka) / Kondapalli ( andhra) and Pondicherry are the other sources- look out for these state exhibitions or govt owned shops

Khadi or Poompuhar and VTI ( victoria Technical Institute) may be other good sources.

Some of the exhibitions in sankara hall / the one in RA puram- i am not sure of the name- near Shilpi??

Dakshin Chitra on OMR stocks some handicrafts

Odyssey also keeps some branded wooden stuff

Hope this helps and other suggestions are welcome.

CAUTION: Not all wooden stuff is safe- ensure smooth edges, non toxic paint and also suitability for the age group

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Choxbox said...

there's also maya organic and sutradhaar in b'lore.